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On Friday a study visit, the Museo Nazionale romano-palace in the museum, we saw a large collection of Roman coins, numerous statues of famous and unknown Roman and Greek historians. This mosaic from Roman homes. We have found much about river history and their way of life. They were made of gold, bronze and silver and edited the house with beautiful sketches.This nineteenth-century palace in Neo-Renaissance style, close to the Termini Train Station, houses one of the world's most important collections of Classical art.


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On Monday after the overloaded trade called the Fatamorgana, they headed for the winery called Marco Carpineti where there was a gentleman who was very kind to us. And who told us about a very interesting history about local wines, food, etc .. The table they put on plates with local lupus which was on bread with olive oil, cheeses and stewed tomato bread.When we had a good meal we went to the hotel. I liked the bush with olive oil because it was very fine and the olive oil gave a very fine harmony and the cheese was famous because it came to me on the cheese cheese and I would love to try it again.
29. 09. 2017.
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I learned that ice cream can be done without artificial additives.I first tried such ice cream.I was the best ice cream I had is riccota with figs.

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On wednesday we went to the towm hall and listened by presentation.After that, we headed to the factory where the mozzarella was made and after that we sat down at the dinner.
28. 09. 2017.
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27. 09. 2017.
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On Tuesday 25.9 we visited a Vatican city it is a sow beutiful city.When we finished we're on our away Olive oil degustation.

On Monday 25.9 we visited of ice cream labatory Fatamorgana.Where ve learned how about to make ice cream from natural foods.

On Sunday 24.9 we arrived in Rome and saw many beutiful old sights.Especially Coloseum.

Evo malo podataka o stakleničkim plinovima.Zanima ju me ti podaci pa si malo pročitam uz kavicu.

Here's a little bit of information on greenhouse gases. You know me this information so you read a little bit of coffee.

Najzastupljeniji i najjači staklenički plin je vodena para. Plinovi kojih je manje i imaju slabiji učinak su ugljikov oksid i metan. Vodena para je uglavnom rezultat isparavanja hidrosfere i transpiracije biljnog pokrova, ugljikov oksid je rezultat aerobnog disanja i gorenja, a metan taljenja i raspada klatrata, anaerobnih procesa, kao i nekih industrijskih procesa (industrijski uzgoj životinja, pročiščavanje otpadnih voda, sječa šuma, prehrana).

The most prominent and strongest greenhouse gas is water vapor. Gases that have less and have a weaker effect are carbon oxide and methane. Water vapor is mainly a result of hydrophobic evaporation and plant cover transpiration, carbon oxide is a result of aerobic breathing and burning, and methane melting and decay of clathrates, anaerobic processes, as well as some industrial processes (industrial animal husbandry, wastewater purification , forest harvesting, nutrition).

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15 dag suhog mesa
10 dag špeka
10 dag gljiva
1 glavica luka
1 mrkva
1 režanj češnjaka
3 krumpira
1 čajna žlica koncentrata rajčice
1,5 dl bijelog suhog vina
1 paprika, narezana na kockice
1 brašna
1 dl milerama
1/2 čajne žlice suhe mljevene slatke paprike
1 jušna žlica sitno sjeckanog lista peršina

Sitno sjeckani luk propirjajte na ulju. Kad omekša, dodajte narezani špek. Nakon minutu-dvije dodajte papriku, kockice mrkve i na ploškice narezane gljive.

Pirjajte desetak minuta, a zatim umiješajte koncentrat rajčice, dodajte na kockice narezani krumpir, komad suhog mesa (prethodno opranog) i sve podlijte vinom i litrom vode (ili temeljcem ako ga imate). Posolite i popaprite.

Kuhajte dok sastojci ne omekšaju. U zasebnoj zdjeli zagrijte žlicu-dvije ulja i dodajte brašno brzo miješajući, a zatim maknite s vatre, umiješajte papriku i sve zajedno dodajte u juhu.
Pred kraj kuhanja u juhu dodajte sitno sjeckani češnjak i mileram. Prije posluživanja posuti peršinom.

15 dg of dry meat
10 dag bachelor
10 dag mushrooms
1 head of port
1 carrot
1 clove of garlic
3 potatoes
1 teaspoon of tomato concentrate
1.5 dl of white dry wine
1 pepper, cut into cubes
1 flour
1 dl milerama
1/2 teaspoons of dried ground sweet peppers
1 teaspoon of finely chopped parsley leaf
Put the chopped onions on the oil. When softened, add the cutter bun. After a minute or two, add the pepper, the carrot and the sliced mushrooms.
Sprinkle for ten minutes and then mix the tomato concentrate, add the diced potatoes, a piece of dried meat (pre-washed) to the dice and sprinkle with wine and a liter of water (or a foundation if you have it). Sow and pepper.
Cook until the ingredients soften. In a separate bowl, warm the spoon-two oil and add the flour quickly mixing, then remove from the fire, mix with the pepper and add it all together in the soup.
Add finely chopped garlic and mileram in the soup. Before serving, sprinkle with parsley.
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