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Really thinking about convincing the wife to do this.  I'm so sick and tired of overpaying for AT&T's service.  The coverage I get at work is marginal at best and I sit here and have to monitor my data usage when I want to listen to Google Music.  I would rather get throttled when I hit my limit rather than pay more.
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do you know someone with the TMobile service/phone so you can check actual reception in your places you go?
Yeah, we know people here in Sanger who have it and say it is good and also we know people in Denton who say it is good. Work is the only gray area and I checked the coverage map and it is sitting kind of at the edge of 4G and 2G. Nobody at my work is using T-Mobile so I can't really get a good reading on that.
I probably will. This sale doesn't start until this Friday so I might be able to get a friend to come to work for some testing before then. At least I hope that I can.
Even just a bump by so you can run them through where you'd mostly use your phone at work for like, 10 minutes could do it. And I'd recommend it...
Well, after doing some research, I dunno if we can do this. It will cost a fortune up front that we don't currently have. Its all rebates and we don't have $500+ for phone and the ability to wait for the rebate back. Guess it was too good to be true, lol.
I will.  They don't actually officially announce it until the 11th supposedly.  But, I looked up the last time they did this, which was at Valentine's Day, and they handed out mail-in rebates for the phones then.
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