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Mindfulness Coach & Relaxation Expert


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Ibiza Yoga Retreats by the Sea 2017

Proud to present my Ibiza Retreats by the Sea for the new year!

* Deep relaxation & revitalisation with mindfulness, yoga & zumba at the beach with me and other amazing teachers...

* Divine massage, unwind & let yourself drift away...

* Happy & healthy food by the best creative chefs in Ibiza...

* Relaxation rituals such as dinner lounge style & a picnick at a special beach

* Trips to local hotspots…enjoy the best of Ibiza!

For creative professionals with demanding schedules who long to let go of their must-do's and have to's, de-stress, fully relax, experience the spirit of Ibiza & go home feeling on top of the world!

For more information, please see the link below:

Warm greetings,
Cindy Ritmeester - mindfulness coach & relaxation expert
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Winter Yoga Retreat Ibiza

* February 6-11, 2017

Your perfect Winter revitalization with...
- Mind blowing Dru Yoga
- Deeply relaxing mindfulness
- Happy & healthy food
- Nature walks
- Visits to local hotspots
- Plenty of vitamine D
- Peace & tranquility
- Beautiful almond blossom

More information:
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Ibiza Retreats aan Zee 2017

De zee
Brengt rust..
Maakt je hoofd leeg..
Geeft ruimte om optimaal te ontspannen & op te laden..

Met mijn mooie Ibiza Retreats aan zee wil ik graag dat jij ook weer helemaal tot jezelf komt, optimaal ontspant en als herboren naar huis gaat!

Agenda 2017

* Dru Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat Ibiza – Het Ultieme Ibiza Gevoel
6 – 11 februari 2017
8 – 13 april 2017

* Ibiza Retreat voor Vrouwen – Jouw Rust & Ontspanning
22 – 26 april 2017

* Privé Retreat Ibiza, 2017 – op maat gemaakt voor jou

Meer informatie:

Tot ziens op Ibiza!

Hartelijke groet,
Cindy Ritmeester

Mindfulness Coach & Ontspanningsexpert
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Yoga Vakantie Ibiza

Ervaar jouw ultieme yogavakantie op Ibiza!

Dru yoga
Happy & healthy food
Uitstapjes naar hotspots

Uitgerust, opgeladen & met het ultieme Ibiza-gevoel weer naar huis!

Meer informatie:
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Yoga Wellbeing Retreat Ibiza

February 6 - 11, 2016

Your Ultimate Winter Relaxation Break!

Imagine being on the beautiful island of Ibiza…

– Releasing tension & relaxing with powerful mindfulness exercises..
– Boosting your energy with amazing Dru Yoga, yoga that will blow your mind..
– Being pampered with happy & healthy food, including a picnic at a special beach..
– Discovering the best of Ibiza with nature walks, Ibiza tapas & wine, locals’ favorite hotspots..
– Going home fully rested & re-energized & feeling on top of the world!

Join us for your full revitalization while we also show you the best of Ibiza.
This unique yoga & mindfulness retreat is a must-do for 2016!

For more information & to book your spot:

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Your Private Retreat in Ibiza in 2017!

- Let go of all your must-do's & have-to's..
- Fully relax & re-energize on this beautiful island..
- Enjoy the best of Ibiza!

Book your Private Retreat in Ibiza with me, Cindy Ritmeester - top mindfulness coach & relaxation expert - and go home fully rested, revitalized and feeling on top of the world!

Book this perfect relaxation break with your friends/sister/partner or daughter.

For more information, please visit my website:

Warm greetings,
Cindy Ritmeester
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Dru Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat Ibiza: Revitalized You!
* February 6 - 11, 2017
* April 8 - 13, 2017

Join us in beautiful Ibiza...

Let go of all the must-do's and have-to's...

Experience deep relaxation with mindfulness exercises...

Boost your energy with mind-blowing Dru Yoga...

Enjoy a picnic at a special beach...
Beautiful nature walks...

We will show you our favorite places on the island...
...and of course the local hotspots

Go home fully rested, revitalized & feeling on top of the world!

More information:
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Ibiza Retreat voor Vrouwen - Rust & Ontspanning
6 - 10 oktober 2016

Meer informatie:
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Healthy Lifestyle Tip: Orange, lemon & mint infused water

Drinking plenty of water is important, but we often forget with our busy schedules.

Put some water with a slice of orange, lemon & fresh mint in a jug and put it on your desk at work/home. Or put it in a flask to take with you if you travel a lot for work. This ensures you stay hydrated throughout the day & have plenty of energy.

Lemon detoxes the body
Mint calms the nervous system
Orange just has a lovely sweetness


More info on a healthy & relaxed lifestyle:
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Mindfulness Tip: Travel - Relaxation Goodie Bag

I am in Ibiza at the moment, travelling for work, but I always have my travel relaxation goodie bag with me to create my daily relaxation moments.

Do you travel for work or want to create your own relax moments when you are on holiday, then here is my tip to put together your own goodie bag.

- Take a small bag made from light material
- Put your favorite things in it:
Your favorite tea
Favorite serum/facial
Hand or foot cream
Picture of someone you love

Create 10 minutes in the morning or evening to light your candle, make your favorite cup of tea, use your hand/foot create for a mini-massage and enjoy your relaxation moment in your hotel room/B&B. Of course you can also use your goodie bag at home!
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