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This is an uncomfortable video to watch, but it is such an important message.

Men and women are different in fundamentally and critically important ways.

These differences desperately need to be understood if our goal is to maintain a stable, long lived society.

Watch this video and have discussions about it. The future depends on it.

NOTE: google will warn you about watching the video. Not sure why. Seems like a bucket of bullshit to censor things like this.

:D google are such pussies that they don't even put a video thumbnail on this post.
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I'd like to invite people who think progressive taxation makes sense to define the word "fair".

I don't particularly like the word fair, it seems to be used very subjectively. I would personally define fair simply as equitable treatment.

Life certainly isn't fair. It isn't fair that I was born in politically stable Australia while so many were born in the tumultuous regions of the middle east, africa, venezuela etc...

It isn't fair that some people get born with horrible diseases, disfigurements or ailments.

It isn't fair that some people are born geniuses while others cannot even tie their own shoelaces.

Those of us privileged to be born into relative wealth (whether that be financial wealth, intellectual wealth or just a wealth of virtue) have a weak responsibility to share our unfairly bestowed wealth with those less fortunate.

But it is not a requirement that the wealthy share. When those who are the recipients of generosity from the wealthy begin to feel entitled to the incredible kindness bestowed upon them, the wealthy must be allowed to withdraw their support. Without consent from the owners of said wealth, the transfer becomes immoral - it becomes theft - and society becomes a race to the bottom. Any removal of someone else's property without their consent is always and forever theft. This is by definition and has nothing to do with law.

These dysgenic forces will destroy modern day society just as they have in the past. It is completely unfair and makes no sense to take more from the wealthy simply because they have it.

The wealthy (again whether financially, intellectually or personally) are a gift to us less fortunate simply by being who they are and doing the cool things they do. Those of us who are less fortunate need to recognize this. This is the christian virtue of humility.

The only way to maintain a stable (not to mention morally consistent) society is through voluntarism and the only way to increase voluntarism is by shrinking the size and power of the state.
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Value is subjective. More often than not, we enter into the adult world with values largely taught to us implicitly by our parents and teachers.

As a parent, when you praise a child excessively, the child will over ascribe the value of that action or object. By failing to be honest about the value of child's actions, you're warping their sense of value. When you over react about an achievement, for example being shown a picture they've drawn or being shown a school report card, they believe their efforts are worth more than they would otherwise be.

To put it another way, by providing false praise (or excessive damnation) to your children, you're screwing up their value barometer.

Just provide your children with honest responses. If they show you a drawing that you don't like, let them know. If you really want to be useful, tell them why you don't like it and ideally ask them what they think. Help them discover their own metrics for assessing value and demonstrate yours.

But be aware that there can be significant, yet subtle consequences of providing false praise to your child.
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Why do we expect our children to go our into the world and fulfill market demands... When schools don't even teach children how the market operates?

And how can we expect school teachers to possibly understand the market, when they aren't subject to market forces?
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Leftist ideology is violent by definition.

You can't "re-distribute" anything without violence or threats of violence.

The only alternative to the violent leftist ideology that dominates politics/media (even the modern day political "right" is still very leftist in nature) is voluntarism.
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Check it out next time you're on the hunt for a good sci-fi book - check out The Ghost of Emily. It is an excellent read - looking forward to the second book!
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Some cultures are better than others.

In the absence of philosophy, culture matters. Choose wisely because the future of the civilization rests upon aggregate expression of everyone's preference.
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Capitalism is simply the combination of private property rights and contracts.

That is - keep what you make and do what you say. These are the rules we teach our toddlers. Yet somehow, somewhere between kindergarten and joining the workforce this gets forgotten.
51% of Millennials REJECT Capitalism. What Now?
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Great rant about how humanity has lost its balls - and that evil exists.

Shit yes evil exists.
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Strong families are a critical component of a sustainable civilization.

A parent's time horizon extends beyond their own lifetime simply because of their children.

As birthrates fall, so to does a society's care for the future beyond their own lifetime as fewer members of that society have children. As the gay economist John Maynard Keynes, the chief architect of arguably the strongest reason for the demise of western society said; "in the end we're all dead". And for him, this was true. He had no descendants. His lineage is now dead and gone forever.

But for those of us with children, our time horizons must extend well into the future in order to secure a stable place for them to inhabit.

So why are birthrates falling? The answer to this is a key piece of understanding in order to save society from decay.
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