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Value discrimination is the absolute key to a better future. Be clear about what you value in life, especially in relationships. If you have friends or family with different values from you, continuing a relationship with them broadcasts to others who are better aligned with your values, that you don't place much significance on those values.

To illustrate, just say you really love coffee from a particular cafe, but instead of going there exclusively you continue to patron its competitors. The message your favourite cafe receives is that you don't value its higher quality coffee enough to quit your relationship with its competitors. While you say you value high quality coffee, the experience of those who provide high quality coffee is that you don't value it enough to break your habit of visiting lower quality coffee shops.

The same principle applies to relationships with the friends and family in your life. Your friends and family are cafes, the values they hold are the coffee and the currency being exchanged is time and attention. If you continue to patron low quality providers, the high quality providers receive the message that their goods aren't valued by you. If they have any integrity at all, they will pack up and relocate. If they don't have integrity, they'll lower the quality of their product.

By rewarding those with the highest values and the integrity to hold principles and values above relationships, shitty people will get squeezed out of society.

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I can almost hear the "libertarians" getting...

Living one's values is hard.

Powershell. What the fuck?! What a shitty scripting language to have to wade into.

And why fuck with the operators?

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Democracy. What a sham.

This is hardly surprising when you realize that government IS violence. Violence begets violence. The world will burn unless people start waking up to this fundamental truth.

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Blast from the past! I found this animation the other day - an animation I made waaaaay back in 2002!

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Socialism is immoral and anti-human.

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Sexuality and the decline of western nations are tightly coupled.

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Statism is indeed a religion. And like most religions, adherents can get very defensive and sometimes even aggressive (verbally and otherwise) when you question the basis of their beliefs.

What blows me away is how easy it is to poke holes in the dogma. How are we so easily convinced of such fallacies so easily?

Maybe that is part of the aggression - feeling stupid when the simplicity of the deception is revealed?

BTW the imagery in the video is at times very disturbing so just listen to the audio perhaps?

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+andrew silke has put together an amazing looking rig and has been kind enough to throw a little credit my way. Check it out!

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Free is always good, right?
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