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Finally Spy Chameleon - RGB Agent is finished! we are so excited to announce that the game's website is up and you can buy the game from there.

Also, we have a Greenlight page so if you want to support us and see Spy Chameleon - RGB Agent in Steam please vote here If you buy the game now and we finally make it to Steam, we will send you a key to redeem it there 

Here is the teaser of the game, hope you like it! 

Spy Chameleon - RGB Agent Teaser

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Hi there ! 
Here is the first teaser of our upcoming game Spy Chameleon: RGB Agent. Please don't think that playing as a chameleon or that cute graphics mean that this one is an easy game, you would be so wrong! Spy Chameleon is a game for skilled players who like stealth games and fast arcade controls, and completing it at 100% will be a task only achievable by classic hardcore gamers.

Hope you like it!
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