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Game designer, cat enthusiast, and foodie
Game designer, cat enthusiast, and foodie
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Some very kind words from +Jason Cordova on a larp I wrote for Codex, a really cool zine! Check it out, and let me know if anyone plays!
Codex Spotlight - The Society for Vegan Sorcerers

The Society for Vegan Sorcerers appeared in Codex - Yellow. It’s a committee LARP about a group of Carcosan sorcerers who endeavor to find vegan-friendly alternatives to human sacrifice. It was written by +Wendy Gorman and features an illustration by +Sean Poppe (see below).

Codex - Yellow was about Carcosa, and the various ways the setting has been interpreted in literature, visual media, and RPGs. The Carcosa OSR setting (presently being published by Lamentations of the Flame Princess) has always been controversial because it features some pretty gnarly depictions of sexual violence and human sacrifice. The Society for Vegan Sorcerers, in addition to being a clever, wholly original game, is also a deep subversion of both the Carcosa text and its critics, and I love it for that. The basic absurdity of the premise manages to mock not only the ridiculous gruesomeness of some of the rituals depicted in Carcosa but also the idea that invoking magic powerful enough to wrangle the Great Old Ones would require anything less than that level of gruesomeness. Whether it was Wendy’s intention or not, the piece manages to be both a game and a commentary about the hobby, and I’m so into it. You may not be super-familiar with Wendy’s work, but trust: she has a voice when it comes to game design, and that’s not something you can say about a lot of designers. I hope more people discover her stuff in the months to come.

Codex - Yellow will be in the Gauntlet Patreon feed until May 31st!

¿Sería permitido diseñar un juego en parejas? Me gustaría escribir algo, pero estoy muy nerviosa para hacerlo porque español no es mi lengua nativa...

Si la respuesta es sí, ¿hay alguien en esta comunidad que quiere diseñar un juego conmigo? :P

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Heh, with only two hours to go, I submitted another 200 Word Rpg. Because I love them. And yes, this one is also about dragons. And they're getting larpier!

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Hey folks! I got my act together and submitted my own 200 word rpg- check it out!

(It's about dragons)

This game would not have been possible without the inspiration of +David Hertz's game The Interview, which I just love, and played over a delicious burger and fries with +tom Fendt a while back. It's not quite 200 words, but it is quite short! You can check it out below!

My submission for the challenge! I'm still tweaking it, because I've got some words to play with, but I'm pretty pleased about it! And yes, I know my title is over 45 characters- I'm going to put the subtitle as part of the text, which takes up more words, but I'm still good on that front, so it should be ok! Looking for general feedback, and also if people feel like they know what both players are supposed to do in this game, even though it's written from the point of view of only one of them! Hope you enjoy :)

So You're Becoming A Dragon: A How-To Guide for Young Tenderwings on Their Transition from Weak Flesh-Sacks into Powerful and Sexy Masters of the Sky

First off, the guide to any good transition is a mentor. Find an older dragon who’s already undergone the transformation, and invite them to hang out with you. A conversation over some food is always nice, and can help alleviate some of the awkwardness you may feel as you ask the important questions about your upcoming Change. We recommend asking the following questions (which of course, any adult dragon will be happy to answer in full):

When will my scales burst forth from my flesh and become a beautiful chitinous plating?
When can I start my first hoard?
How long until my cloaca develops?
Will my wings be leathery and supple, or can I choose feathers?
How do I influence the color of my whiskers?
How does self-pleasure work with knife-like talons?

Bring your follow-up questions! Delve deeper into their answers- pursue every implication and detail! You don’t want to go into the Change unprepared! And don’t forget to thank your dragon mentor with the traditional Tenderwing salute!

Just reading through some of the entries from +David Schirduan's 200 Word RPG this year, and I've struck upon some that I am just in love with, so I'm going to share them with you! I haven't read all of them, and probably won't, so this is like, the most incomplete list ever- it's just what I've read that caught my eye! I'm going to link to the entries, and I'll probably do a later post with more, so that this post doesn't get out of control!

Znarock Rocks- this was the first game I clicked on, and I laughed so hard and so loud! Definitely have a few friends who would get a loooot out of this game, and I can't wait to bullshit as a random hockey coach!

For the Birds- Simply stunning! Elegant, friendly, and about birds! What more do you want to know?? I think this will make excellent date material for my partner and I, who is a big bird fan, and as the weather gets nicer, I can see this getting a lot of play!

Intergalactic Bake-Off!- Fun game about lists and baking! What's not to like? It seems like it will pair especially well with my friend group's seemingly instant and complete love affair with the Great British Baking Show.

Please, feel free to tag any of the designers if you know them! Let them know some internet rando is saying good things about their game :)

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Presenting- my Game Chef entry! This game was inspired by sweating all the time and a deep seated love of ridiculous vampires.

Looking for whatever feedback people have to offer! :)


This is a game for two. One Dragon, and one Dragonslayer.

Face each other. Reach out with one hand, and grasp your opponent's wrist firmly. Look deeply into their eyes. Maintain eye contact.

Speak. Tell each other how you fight. Explain your actions. Seek to do each other harm. Narrate your glorious battle, increasing the valor of your fight and the severity of your opponents wounds. Do not let go. Do not look away.

Your actions are only those of the most honorable and chivalrous nature. Your every move and thought is imbued with respect for your opponent, and appreciation for their skill. Let your esteem color your words. Let your regard guide your tone. Do not let go. Do not look away.

When your battle reaches its zenith, speak of how you each find death. Tell your opponent what magnificent act finally fells you. Describe how you hold each other as you leave this plane. As your breath leaves your body, squeeze your opponents wrist. Let go. Look away. 

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Happy April! Welcome to the newest offers by Glass-Free Games*, End Game and The Interview. I've watched them both grow from tiny babies, so even though they are both the work of the fabulous +David Hertz , I'm super excited to see both of them in the light of day!
End Game is a game about professional generic e-sports players (definitely not professional League of Legends players) who have to navigate their team falling apart around them. It is almost certainly very sad. This is not a joke! This is a real, excellent game that I highly recommend all of you at least check out, even if e-sports aren't your thing (and they certainly are not mine!). It will draw you into its fascinating conceit, and leave you wishing you hadn't turned down the opportunity to play test just because it was about e-sports, because it is truly incredible!

The Interview is a tiny, brief little gamelet that I am incredibly, incredibly fond of. My partner +tom Fendt and I played it while on a date, and it was a wonderful, funny, slightly sad, poignant, all-too-real experience. It was easy to play while eating dinner, and I highly recommend it for other role playing couples who like to game together, although it is not at all a romantic game! It really captures the feeling of being young and unemployed but still optimistic about the future. All this, and it's less than three pages long!

You can find out more about both of these games (and our previous releases) below. You don't have to be a patron to get the games- they're all completely free!

So, I'm feeling like my game is complete, but I'm also feeling like I should keep working on it and trying to make sure it's PERFECT. Should I send it in now, or keep tweaking it for a while longer? 
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