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Tyrant's Throne - Sebastien De Castell
Tyrant’s Throne is the fourth and final entry in Sebastien
De Castell’s “Greatcoats” quartet. I’ve been a big fan of the series. It
combines an energetic and adventurous buccaneering style with moments of great
emotional intensity and honesty. I’m desperate...

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Galileo's Dream - Kim Stanley Robinson
The original conceit of this book - Galileo interacting with indivduals from far in the future - does not seem that impressive at first blush. Indeed, a brief office poll produced a great deal of derision. However, first impressions are sometimes deceiving,...

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Darien - C.F. Iggulden
Darien is the start of a new series by C.F. Iggulden.
Iggulden is perhaps better known for writing several series of well received
historical fiction, but this is his first foray into fantasy. Darien is a feudal city-state in a low-magic world. That
world s...

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Age of Swords - Michael J. Sullivan
Age of Swords is the second in Michael J. Sullivan’s “The
Legends of the First Empire” series. It has a historical connection to his
popular Riyria series, taking place in the same world, but seemingly several
thousand years before. Here are the women and m...

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Wrath - John Gwynne
So, lets talk about Wrath. Wrath is the last in a series of
doorstop fantasy novels by John Gwynne. I’m a bit late to the party on this
series, having picked the first one up relatively recently – but it’s impressed
me with a combination of subtle politics,...

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Raven Stratagem - Yoon Ha Lee
Raven Stratagem is the second in Yoon Ha Lee’s “The
Machineries of Empire” series. The first, Ninefox Gambit, was a really well
done character piece, with some beautifully tense moments in an inventively
imagined universe – so I was quite excited to get my ...

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Back next week!
Hello all Just a note to say that due to a long weekend, we'll be back on Thursday next week. Thanks for reading!

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The Seven - Peter Newman
The Seven is the third in Peter Newman’s “Vagrant” series. I
thought the first, “The Vagrant” was a great story, told in an interesting way,
and the second was a great piece of fantasy in its own right. That meant that
The Seven had some pretty big narrativ...

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Spellslinger - Sebastien De Castell
Spellslinger is the first in a new fantasy series from
Sebastien De Castell, whose ongoing ‘ Greatcoats ’ series I’ve thoroughly enjoyed
in the past. The world of Spellslinger is something a bit different from
DeCastell’s last work. In some ways, it has a h...

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The Dispatcher - John Scalzi
The Dispatcher is a new novella by John Scalzi. Seemingly
unrelated to his other works, it sets out a mystery in a world where anyone
deliberately killed will return to life. The world that Scalzi’s built is, in some ways, familiar.
There are hospitals, doc...
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