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Enrico Bastelli
Errare è umano, ma per fare veri disastri, serve la password di root.
Errare è umano, ma per fare veri disastri, serve la password di root.

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Last version of Evie are giving me a lot of trouble. After a while (half a day) I start having really bad system performance, with everything lagging a lot. No issues with stock launcher.
Honor8, Nougat 7.0, emui 5.0

The possibility to change single icons. Badge support for, at least inbox. 
A badge for incoming events in calendar and not only a badge based on notification bar. 

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Nova is always under 1%
I've used evie for a few days and consumption is always really high.
I don't know why and I've left evie with it's defaults. 

When you search a contacts, can you add a telegram option? Now we can choose from, call, text, mail, whatsapp or open in contact, I would appreciate a telegram option, since I use it a lot.

I see that evie, drain a lot of battery, a 5% while Nova, for example, is under a 2%. Same phone, same use, same situations. Honor 8 with nougat. 

How can I join beta program?

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SMS badge disappear after unlock.


Platform: Android 6.0.1
Model: Nexus 5X

If I start a call using my smartwatch (Lg gwatch-R), after the end, my notification sounds disappear. Everything works fine, the phone vibes but no sound. I've tried to change the notification sounds, close all app, nothing but a reboot seems to solve the problem.
Every one has some ideas? 

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Componi con Beethoven! #GoogleDoodle

Mamma mia, bellissimo

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Contratto che ha scritto mia figlia, da sola e dopo solo due mesi di scuola.
C'è scritto che siamo fidanzati, che mi ama e che mi vuole sposare.
Quindi lo dico a te, bambino che un domani vorrai portarmi via la mia piccola, ho un contratto legale che mi autorizza a mandarti a quel paese!

Lo so, momento che passerà presto, però adesso è bello lo stesso. 
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