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IDEAs move me ... CREATIVITY drags me ... INNOVATION fires me
IDEAs move me ... CREATIVITY drags me ... INNOVATION fires me

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"Whether you are running a company or simply living your life, hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes and put a smile on your face along the way." Richard Branson

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Richard Branson's Book: Finding My Virginity
I have always followed Richard Branson for his great insight, versatility, innovation, and keep-on-keeping-on way of doing business. Against hopes, highs and sighs, he kept going and growing. I just saw this preview and cannot hold it back - it is a great r...

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Burning out all your funds while waiting for people to buy your product is one reason why businesses fail. Avoid these mistakes.

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Mistakes to Avoid While Starting an Online Business
From experience, time is a certain commodity that along with the money you just cannot get back once it is gone. Money can be made again but time cannot be retrieved. Many mistakes and bad decisions can end up with you losing a significant amount of time th...

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Here are a few reasons why you should hire an outdoor lighting and landscaping company...

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Why Hire a Professional Lighting Company
We at Outdoor Comforts Lighting & Mosquito Control have been in the landscape lighting industry for over 10 years. Whether it’s the hippest fixtures, latest lighting technology, or new installation techniques, we stay abreast of everything happening in the ...

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Outdoor lighting eliminates dark spots without bothering the neighbors.

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Technology: 5 Ways to Combine Outdoor Lighting
Technology is changing every day, adding innovation and creativity in outdoor lighting, to do more than just beautify homes. Technology allows low voltage lighting in advance and provides affordable control and options that increase safety and security of h...

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A worthy read for every Real Estate investor and passive income or prospective passive income earner. Comment and share your thoughts.

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6 Ways to Earn from Real Estate investing
We don't have to be
smarter than the rest. We have to be more disciplined than the rest. - Warren
Buffett Most people ignore
probabilities and exaggerate risk. “When you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change.” — Max Planck. The be...
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