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We're Starting " Fan Fridays" , our tribute to you. Share your best picture from Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort stay in the comments below or @sheikhalidahab on Instagram and stay tuned as we spotlight our favorite fan photos.
Thank you everyone, and have a wonderful Friday & weekend like emoticon
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had a long week ?! you need to relax in the fresh Air??
come and spend your day at ‪#‎Sheikh_Ali_Dahab_resort‬ swimming pool,ask for the day use ( room Included) with special rates.
you can contact us on here or on + 2 0128 279 5565 
have a blessed Friday everyone :)
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Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort  was honored by the Major  Khalid Fouda, the governor of South Sinai for his participation in the global event for Captain Walaa Wael Abbas who achieved the longest Scuba dive 51  and24 Minutes #GUINESS_RECORD#EGYPT#DIVING#CHAMPION
تم تكريم فندق الشيخ على من قبل اللواء خالد فوده محافظ جنوب سيناء لمشاركته فى الحدث العالمى للقبطان ولاء حافظ الذى حقق اطول غطسه فى العالم 52 ساعه و24 دقيقه جزيل الشكر للدكتور احمد سعيد رئيس مجلس ادارة نادى شرم الشيخ الرياضى على تكريمه واستضافته وجزيل الشكر ايضا للواء الجافى على حسن الاستضافه والمشاركه
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Dear Valued Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort Customers ,
Thank you for patronizing our business recently.
We hope you had a pleasant experience.
Please help us improve by giving us a review using the link below: (And because it's powered by Tabluu, we'll ask you for your selfie! :D ).
Don't be shy! Please say a big "yeahhh!" for the camera.and share your beautiful momnets inside Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort with everyone :D
Thank you beautiful people!
Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort
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