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EDIT: It's added! That was fast, thanks +Francisco Franco​!

Please add an intent receiver action to toggle Night Shift for use with Tasker. Thanks!

It's a bit difficult to beta test and provide proper feedback when the dev neither posts changelogs for beta's let alone stable releases. Well, except for major releases. I'm sticking with the stable release for now.

I'm very glad the app is in active development again, it's indispensable. 

I'm neither able to login with my ProtectMyID account nor access the Identity Protection area of the Me tab without the app crashing. I've sent a report multiple times. This started happening after BillGuard introduced the subscription. I gave up on the app and decided to try it again today, but the same thing is still happening.

Steps to reproduce:
- Attempt to login with ProtectMyID. Submitting login details crashes the app
- From the Me tab, tap Identity Protection. App crashes

02-04 10:55:53.717 15707 15707 E AndroidRuntime: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{}: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method '' on a null object reference

02-04 11:04:52.114 26188 26188 W System : ClassLoader referenced unknown path: /data/app/

- empty

- contains base.odex

What the...? I tap on the title of the article & it loads the post below it. If the article has a photo, I can tap on it & it loads the appropriate article.

"My lifestyle determines my death style"

-- Kirk Hammett

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One of my missions got rejected twice. I can't figure out what violates the mission criteria. At first I thought it was the mission image since I used an image that wasn't mine (from a website). I changed it to one of the portal images like I've done before & it got rejected again. 

Anyone have ideas about what they're rejecting?

This is what was contained in the rejection email:

Agent MarkDubya,

Thanks for submitting Arte di Villaggio. Unfortunately, we were not able to accept your mission.

Specifically, we noticed it contains unsuitable content. Some examples of this type of issues include:

- Text or images that reveal information about your identity or another player's identity, including (but not limited to) real names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.
- Full or partial codenames/Agent names (e.g., "Mission idea from @neo" or "this is neo's favorite lunch spot," etc.)
- Clues or passphrases that require contacting a certain person to get the answer

Please note that these may not be the only issues with your mission. Please be sure to thoroughly review our Mission Acceptance Criteria in the help center.

Thank you.

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Ingress Nerd Galleria

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'Twas most exciting, however I didn't get a chance to participate as much as I would have liked. There's always next time!
So my fellow Ingress players on both sides here in Northern Colorado and I did an op a week ago. A little cross faction art work. We did the Enlightened glyph with a blue field over it and right next to it we did the Resistance glyph with a green field. It was a small scale op but now that the NOCO Ingress players from both factions can work together to do something awesome more artwork is in store. Here is a shout out to the agents that took part! 
Resistance Agents:
Enlightened Agents:

Look for more from the NOCO Ingress agents!
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