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One day I will queue up and go in there, preferably before Dude Food isn't a thing anymore

It's your world, explore it.:

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Global Photowalk Contest Announced!

This is the next contest folks… listen closely and share widely.

Everyone will have the same three hours to shoot, edit and upload their photo, worldwide. Yes, that means for some of you it'll be the middle of the day, some the middle of the night. Think of it as "a day in the life of…", except that it's just a few hours. The topic will be announced at exactly the start time, and at the end of the three hours, the gallery will be closed to submissions. No late entires, no exceptions. If you miss it, don't fret, there will be more, and at different times.

This is meant to be fun and a learning experience for all of us, so don't stress over comparing ability levels, technical chops or not having the "right" gear. Be creative with what you have, and join in to learn. Remember, this is for fun. But I do have cool prizes :)

This contest will be SATURDAY AUG 06 2011, 1400GMT–1700GMT
That's 7am Saturday in California, 3pm in London, 6pm in Moscow, and 11pm in Tokyo. If you need to look up your local time, I recommend

When I announce the topic, I'll also give a link for the shared album to upload to. All contributions must be uploaded by the deadline, no exceptions.

To be able to upload, I have to add you to my "Photographers" circle. So if you're not already in (and you're in if you participated in the last contest, or have asked to be included at any time), leave a comment below and I'll add you.

To be sure you don't miss the announcement, keep me in your circles and be on the lookout at 1400GMT. Have your batteries charged, your memory cards empty, your lens clean, and gas in the car.

•• 1. All photos must be uploaded in the allotted time window. No late entries.
•• 2. All photos must have been made during the time window. Now look, I don't have much of a way to police this, and I really don't want to scour metadata, but if you upload a sunrise photo and you're uploading from Japan, we'll know you broke this rule. Just keep in mind that the challenge is what's fun, and the challenge is to make an awesome image in a very limited time—not to see how good you are at finding that photo you took two years ago that happens to fit the criteria.
•• 3. Submissions can be from any kind of camera (iPhone, Hasselblad, or anything in-between), can be manipulated as much or as little as you like, can have text or not, it's up to you. How creative can you be interpreting the topic?
•• 4. A camera does have to be involved. No pure 3D renders or illustrations (although you're welcome to integrate those). This is a photo contest. Don't forget the camera.

The topic will be announced at the contest start time. It will be something simple or esoteric, like "trees", or "happiness", or "the color mauve". I will not answer questions on "what does it mean?! (double rainbow!)". Interpretation is up to you. If you're successful in interpreting this topic, you'll know by the comments. If you're not… well, you might know by the comments as well.

•• 1. Judging will last for 48 hours, which means judging will end on AUG 08, 2011 1700GMT.
•• 2. Unless something changes between now and Saturday, AFAIK I have no way of tallying +1s for photos submitted. Which means we'll do it the same as the last contest; via comment count. So it'll be your job, as the contributor, to promote your own photo and solicit comments and shares. The more exposure it gets, the more likely it'll get commented on. And yes, while those of you with 10,000 followers have an initial unfair advantage, remember it only takes one person with 10,000 followers to share your image for you to be on the same level. Impress a G+ rockstar with your image, and you'll be golden.
•• 3. The photo does have to hit the topic. So if the topic is "blue" and you upload a photo that's "red", and you have 1,000 comments of people saying "dude, that's not blue", you will not win, even if you have the most comments.
•• 4. Since there doesn't seem to be a way to disable comments in a gallery (if there is, someone let me know please!), I will simply make the album private at the closing time, at which point only I will be able to see it. I'll tally the results and announce a winner shortly after, and then open the gallery back up for you to continue to share and comment. It'll be closed and hidden just long enough for me to count.

I've arranged a killer prize… but unfortunately, this top prize is only available to people in the US. Which is a bummer, but there's nothing to be done about it—so there's an alternate prize as well. If you're outside of the US, it's prize #2 for you. If you're in the US, you can choose which you prefer. And if you're an international company and want to offer up a prize like this for the next contest, let me know!

PRIZE #1: (U.S. only) Our friends at the phenomenal camera equipment rental company ( & ) is giving away a $100 rental to the winner. Wow! What a chance to try out an amazing lens you've been thinking of buying, or just gagging to play with, for FREE! Super big thanks to these guys, so please say thanks to them by following on Facebook and twitter, or placing a lens order today. Of course they'll be on Google+ too just as soon as companies are allowed to play here!

OR, PRIZE #2: (Worldwide) A lifetime pass to everything for sale on You will get a unique code that will give you access to the store for life. Today, that's worth a bit over $100, but you may already have some of that content—so no worries, you can continue to download all the Aperture training, presets, ebooks and more forever. Not a bad deal if you're an Aperture user. And if you're not…

Prizes are transferable. If you have no need for either, you can give it to a friend or worthy competitor. That's entirely up to you.

OK that's a lot of info, but there ya go. Get ready, get circled, then get shooting! Don't forget to share this post, and be sure to visit
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