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best tactical football manager game


 Game News: Season 4
Good luck to all in the new Season.

A final reminder Injuries and Cards are active this season.

National Team players/prospects in bot clubs are being put on the transfer list during the season.  If not bought they will go to the ROTW and be out of the game. Coaches and clubs in the nation wil get a news item when one of their players is put up for transfer.

I take the amount of emotional commitment some managers show as a real compliment. However please remember this is just a game though and there are winners and losers in every match. If you  do lose a match remember even the greatest teams can lose and there is a new manual section which may soften the blow

Bids on players not on the Transfer List are now active, see

There is also a new section in the manual on the transfer list

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Game News: Fouls / Freekicks & Injuries

These have now all been added to the match engine and are active in Season3 for friendlies and will be active in season 4 for all matches.
All cards given in friendlies are removed at the end of the match & all injuries in friendlies have no effect.

Manual pages have been added  which explain when fouls occur, the effect of freekicks and how players can get injured.

Further expansion is planned around player attributes which affect fouls and injuries, player orders such as play hard/ go easy, and referees which affect the base chances of fouls and offsides. Also planned are options on corners and freekicks besides a high pass into the penalty box.

Playing Friendly matches will give a good idea of the frequency and effects of these changes. However please remember that friendlies can last 120mins and not 90mins and if they do so will have more fouls and injuries.

I hope you all like this improvement and that it adds to your enjoyment of the game.

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National Team and Affiliate Club

Nations now have national teams and the election for national coach is open.

Click on Nations, then the nation name or any flag. There should then be links at the top of the page to the elections and the National Club.

The national club has been given a bunch of likely prospects and a National Teams club page has the prospects menu item on the left side.

Under Office on the left menu Edit Manager has changed to Profile and  you can add extra clubs from there.

I'll get some info put into the Help menu on National teams and affiliate clubs.

International competitions will just be friendlies this season, probably a cup or a couple of small leagues.  I did manage to get in the ability to appoint an assistant manager.

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Big news for season 3!

Angles are now in the match reports including some text that shows when passes contribute to good angles. What is missing is bad passes generating bad angles, this is being looked at.

New is Player Movement, in the manual at
Basically you draw movement arrows on the pitch which affects how the player behaves by pushing forward, holding back and moving wide /centrally.
Its not fully completed yet but I wanted to start to get some feedback on the part that is finished, its only used for friendlies this season and no conditional orders for it yet.


Player Movement ( the arrows that can be drawn on the pitch in the line-up editor) are now fully supported in all directions.
Details here.
Player movement is only enabled in friendly & random  matches this season.

I think player movement adds a lot to tactics and should benefit those who spend time on lineups.
I'm very interested in feedback.

I'm aware that although correct over many matches the passes to OMs/wingers / challenges by DMs may not be as expected in any given match report.
This is likely true of player movement too and I'm doing some wok to make each match report more closely aligned to the probabilities.

I was also made aware of a significant oversight in the mania regarding layer positions. A manual section has now been added explaining player positions more thoroughly.
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The International Cup fixtures are out now, information on income from the cup can be found on the Cup Details page.

The Cup has been paid for by skimming off the Prize money in for League positions, there has also been some compression here so the spread between the prize money for 1st and 12th is smaller.  You can see the new values on your League Details page.

The Set Pieces page of the Lineup editor now allows managers to choose penalty takers. The match engine will use manager choices first then it will have a go at choosing the best players so you can leave this blank and leave it up to the match engine should you wish.

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 Game News
A couple of issues with season end

1) The league table didn't use GF to break ties on points and GD. This is now fixed and the promotion/relegations regenerated

2) Some matches lost opportunities. This is still being investigated but I think the matches will have to stand as its probably too disruptive to rerun any matches.

3) The play-offs are now set. The intention is for the matches to be run on Sunday. I'll generate the matches later today/tomorrrow to give a chance for sany feedback in case there are any errors.

Some other points

1). This season the intention is to stick with promtioions/relegations occuring across Association boundaries. i.e demtion from Division 1 to could be to Association 1 or 2 Division 2 etc. This is because the demotions and play-offs are seeded according to strength such that the strongest promoting team from say Division 2 faces the weakest demoting team from Division 1. The idea is to equalise the strength of the 2 Associations.
Future seasons will allow promotions/demotions between Division 2 and Division 3 to cross Associations, all other promotion/relegation will be within the same Association.

2). Newcomers will form a new Association and populate division 3.  Higher divisions being populated by increasingly strong Bot clubs. Since promotion/demotions between Divisions 2/3 Division 2 should populate normally. However there then will be a readjustment to populate division 1, mechanism to be decided. Options are really 
a) fast track promotion in the New Association only.
b) allow clubs from current associations to move across.

The other option is to simply add a division 4 to the current Associations. In many ways this is simpler but has the drawback of starting new players further away from the Premiership with possibly too much of a mountain to climb and discouraging them. Thoughts?

3. Fitness for next seasons IC. Fitness sill stay the same as this season with 2 addition. In IC matches players incur 0.1 fitness loss for every 9 minutes played. So playing 90 minutes will lose a player 1 fitness. 
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