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Donna Mathis
Teacher by day, Google+ and other tech searching by night
Teacher by day, Google+ and other tech searching by night

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Something to consider when needing a spring board to a lesson dealing with our students' future when functioning in society

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Wow, this is pretty simple and functional.

Created many diverse websites this year but actually stuck with the county's site so that my students had every opportunity to improve their grade.  Things I learned this year - Public school is different from private school.  I learned in the diversity we encounter, there are opportunities to learn from each other so as to make the world a little more cozier for all.  This is can be done by always showing fairness and respecting others, and if we fall short, understand we are human and if necessary apologize.

School year is almost over.  After 23 years of teaching middle school students and moving to high school, lets just say I believe that 9th graders are just glorified middle school students with no focus because they have so many things on which to focus.  

Due to my absence from the public sector for more than 5 years, I had to complete a beginning teacher program.  Needless to say, I obtained all necessary observations and paperwork/professional development to render myself a successful teacher - check; I have a job for next year at my same school - check; I have been asked if I might want to change my teaching course to a computer class.  SOOOOO HAPPY, now I just have to get the certs on my teaching certificate so I can teach a few computer classes.  I could teach them, because I typically use the technology we have available, but the county has to have me listed as a valid certified teacher in this area.  Guess I know what I will be doing this summer.  All in all, the end of the school year is turning out to be successful.

Points for me working bell to bell EVEN when I had a theft in class and the administration came in to "look" for the missing iPhone. My directions to the students: Follow instructions of your administrators, once you are checked, you still need to complete the Essential Question page and turn it in.... It will be a grade. Get on it. #HighschoolLife  #Pacingguide #yuck  

8 years out of public school - man things have changed in IEP paperwork, but still, the slow and ungreased wheels still make everything drag

Love giving a research project with no computers - killin' those trees. Hopefully the Planets Conversation Test will not be painful to grade. YEAH RUBRICS

Wow, who are all these bots, err people who keep adding me to their groups. Don't know if I should be happy to be in someone's group, or start singing "Somebody's watching me" as I close the shades and turn off the lights

The last three days of a miserable flu has made up for the 6 years I have not had even a sniffle. Please Lord, let this be an end to being sick for at least 10 more years.

To a dyslexic kid, do you think GLOB and BLOG are interchangeable?
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