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I just got a chance to view the video Amy did on Google Classroom. BTW, I love this set-up with watching the presentation at our convenience. I could watch it without any distractions. We have had a lot of positive feedback with teachers using Google Classroom. Since I do not have a classroom, I have not been able to practice using it myself, but I love the idea and sharing with teachers. It gives high school students an opportunity for more responsibility and accountability in their class work. I'm ready for the parent feature! :)

Since GrooveShark is blocked, does anyone have a good recommendation for an alternative? A history teacher wants to use a music and lyric site for a research project. 

Hello! :) What's your favorite web-based tool? I really want to try out Tellegami. :)

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Hello, I am an Instructional Technology graduate student at East Carolina University in NC, USA and I would like to hear about international experiences using Informational Communication Technology. If you have time, please answer a few questions. Thank you in advance! :)

Hi, I am a graduate student in Instructional Technology at East Carolina University in NC, USA and I would like to know about international experiences with Information Communication in Technology. If anyone has time to answer a few questions, please respond.
Thank you in advance. :)
1) Which country do you reside in? Please feel free to share your school's website.
2.) Are you familiar with ICT and what this means (Information and Communication Technology)?
3) Is ICT important in your school? How do you know?
4) Is digital literacy important in your school? How does your school support digital tools?
5) Do you have a standard curriculum in your school? What skills and content are most important? Reading? Mathematics? Science, etc.?
6) Where did you get your teaching credential? What are the requirements for teaching in your state/province/country?
7) Is teaching with digital tools something you enjoy? Why or why not?
8) What restrictions are applied to use of computers, Internet, and digital tools in your school?
9) Is your school government supported or private?
Thank you again! :)
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