I know that there are those of you who suspect that I leaked the information about Jörmungandr and Dark XM to Lynton-Wolfe.  It is not true.  Not on purpose, anyway.  I have been searching my mind for some slip of the tongue.  But I did not know the specifics of the Wunderwaffe program.  

When I was young, my father would occasionally take me into Buenos Aires.  He had unspecified business there.  I wandered the days trying to escape my bodyguards, but I did not see the location of Jörmungandr or the Wunderwaffe.  

The Anazktec spoke of a giant sea monster that lives in a cave under Buenos Aires.  I found them interesting even as a child, because the Anazktec have never seen the ocean.  Perhaps the legend was true and this cave was the location of the Jörmungandr operation.

This legend led me to suspect that there is an information chain that passes to even the uncontacted, and maybe there are more groups who hide in the shadows of civilization.  I suspect further that they are tribal remnants of those civilizations which fell victim to what we call the Shaper Self Destruct Code.
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