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Eric P. Robinson
Media and internet law attorney and scholar.
Media and internet law attorney and scholar.
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Fake news is a real dilemma for the law
My latest column for the South Carolina Press Association: The labeling of information as “fake news” has become yet another weapon in battles of the Trump presidency, used by the administration and its supporters as well as its critics. But the label has b...

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Writing and Speaking on Social Media and Courts
I discuss different aspects of social media and the courts in a new article and at an upcoming conference. Late last year I became the new lead contributor and editorial reviewer for the venerable Internet Law: The Complete Guide , published by Specialty Te...

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Times Tech Reporter's Court Tweeting Tale
New York Times technology reporter Mike Issac has written  a "Times Insider" article (sub. req'd) on his experience covering the testimony of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a patent infringement case in a Texas federal court. While Issac had obtained permi...

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What Trump can do to thwart the press
My latest column for the South Carolina Press Association discusses actions that Donald Trump and his administration can take unilaterally –
without assent from any other branch of government – against the press,
or at least the news media’s ability to co...

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Michigan Live reports that a Michigan man has filed an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court challenging a policy banning cell phones from courthouses in Saginaw County, Michigan. While I am sympathetic with the plaintiff's case here, it is extremely unlikely ...

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Eleventh Circuit to Begin Posting Audio
The federal Eleventh Circuit of Appeals -- which handles appeals from federal courts in Alabama, Florida and Georgia -- has told the Free Law Project that it will soon being posting audio recordings of all oral arguments . The leaves the Tenth Circuit as th...

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About 'of and concerning,' and libel under Trump
My latest column for the South Carolina Press Association: A pair of sisters who were until recently students at the Medical University of South Carolina sued The Post and Courier for libel last month over articles alleging that although they had been found...

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Indonesia, Too, Drops Down the Memory Hole
First Belguim , then Italy , now Indonesia. Another country has warped the "right be be forgotten" -- the misguided notion that embarrassing material can be effectively hidden online by removing links from search results -- to justify Orwellian censorship a...

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Donald Trump and Libel
This is my first column for the South Carolina Press Association's newsletter: Whatever you think of Donald Trump, it is clear that he does not have much regard for the media. In addition to threatening to sue news outlets that published stories about his c...

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Italy Limits History to Two Years
I recently wrote about the highest court in Belgium holding that the European "right to be forgotten" required a newspaper to remove a 22-year-old article from its archive, down George Orwell's memory hole . Now Italy's highest court has limited the retenti...
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