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Roni Leibovitch
Data Scientist. Improving the InterWeb via Digital Analytics.
Data Scientist. Improving the InterWeb via Digital Analytics.

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improving our maps one pixel at a time #GEO   #GPS  

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Dear Schneider-Weisse,
+Manuela Obermeier 
+Günther Kanzian 

My friend Brandon Schneider has decided to partake in the age-old tradition of getting married. Brandon is also an enormously big fan of Schneider-Weise bier! For his bachelor party we decided to partake in the tradition of eating schnitzel, perhaps smoking a cigar, and most definitely drinking a few pints of Schneider-Weisse. To ensure camaraderie among the Schneider family and friends we designed a shirt which reflects Brandon’s affinity for barbecue & fermented wheat [see attached] and submitted it to our printer, +CustomInk 

CustomInk recently notified me that the design may infringe on “protected material,” and requires your company’s written permission. Since we are not looking to profit in any way from (Brandon) Schneider’s bachelor tee, I was hoping you could provide written permission to use the brand image in question. If you are, however, limited by corporate regulations, we completely understand. Independent of you decision, we plan to enjoy a pint of your finest beverage at Schnieder’s Junggesellenabschied but a statement would surely ease the bitterness of these hops and we would rejoice and cheer at our new custom tee, and more importantly, Schneider's upcoming nuptials.

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Know your ticks: Early treatment for #Lyme  disease is essential in making sure that you go through a full recovery. Western #Michigan  

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How your data definition can impact (or skew) your #dashboard   #metrics   #analytics  

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Electrophysiology, intro to the neuro-revolution!

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Tel Aviv University has the largest global alumni of #startup  and serial #entrepreneur  of any university or college in #Israel , and is ranked 9th in the world for VC-backed companies. via +Alan Weinkrantz  

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Spectacular photos captured: That column of ejected ash measures nearly 7 miles #Volcano    #Geology  

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Why every FBI agent is required to visit the #Holocaust  Museum. #StopTheHate  

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Keeping it #kosher
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