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Unsubscribing from a Collection

Making this a public PSA because there are people who don't understand how collections work. 

Who can see a collection is originally set by the collection owner. When it is created, people are given a choice to make it public, private, or set it so that only certain circles (i.e. groups of people) can see it. If it is made public, that means everyone on G+ can see it.

If you find yourself viewing a collection that you have no interest in, fret not. It's quite simple to make it go away. 

Unfollowing from Old G+ Format

Method 1: Unfollow from post

Look at the top of the post that you don't want to see. If it has a title like "Screenshots and Video Games" and a little, blue icon that looks like a diamond, it's a collection. If you hover your mouse just below the blue icon, a downward pointing arrow will appear. Click on that. You'll get a dropdown box that will give you the option to "unfollow collection." Do that! Unfollow the collection and you will never see another post from that collection.

Method 2: Unfollowing from Collections

Click on the Home button in the top, left hand of the screen. Select "Collections" from the dropdown box. At the bottom of the screen that comes up will be a list of all the collections in your circles. Select the one that you want to unfollow. There will be a big "follow" button on the collections page that toggles on/off. Set it so that you are unfollowing.

Unfollowing from New G+ Format

Method 1: Unfollow from Post

If the post has a title in blue, that indicates that it is part of a collection. Click the blue title and it will take you to the collection page. There will be a big "follow" button on the left hand column. Toggle that so that you are no longer following.

Method 2: Unfollow from Collections

On the left hand column, click on "Collections." In the next screen that comes up, select the "Following" tab at the top of the screen. All the collections that you are following will show up and each has a "follow/unfollow" toggle button. Toggle the button so that it is showing "follow" instead of "following."


Gosh darn it, Jane! I keep telling these people to stop sending me these things and I still get notified. Grrrrrr!

Well, messed up by replying to the post. The G+ program can't tell the intent behind your written words. All it knows is that you replied to a post, therefore, you must want to be part of the conversation. So, anytime anyone replies to that post, you will be notified. 

If you don't want to be part of the conversation going forward, then don't reply!

ARGH! I keep getting texts about these posts! I wish these people would stop texting me because it's annoying!

No one is texting you. They are simply posting new things or replying to posts. If you are getting a text, it is because you have set up G+ to send you texts somewhere in your settings. I don't know how to fix that, off the top of my head. I suggest you look through your settings and remove your phone number.

Also, per +Mike Stietenroth, you may not be getting texts. It may be the G+ app alerting you to a post. From the comments:

"The texting thing could also be the Google app on your phone sending you a message. It's not an actual text but it does make a tone and show up on your main screen. 

That's what I have and I get alerts when certain people post. At least I do if I have the app running."

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Heh! I think I found Sara's song. XD

The clock on the wall declared it to be almost 2AM. Sara reached up and pinched the bridge of her nose, rubbing. Sighing, she tossed the book aside and blinked blearily. She should've been asleep long ago, but sleep refused to come, tonight.

She stared miserably at the book. Quantum physics was not her specialty. Everything about it flew right over her head. However, if she was ever going to figure out a way to get home, she needed to at least try to understand.

Ugh! If only this damn world didn't charge people a fortune to be educated, I could take classes and at least start to grasp this, almost resentfully, she reached over and picked the book back up, glaring at it. However, none of this was the book's fault. With a final sigh, she gently set it aside. A break was in order.

Standing, Sara rolled her shoulders, cracking her neck as she did so. She had been sitting and reading for hours. It was something she was used to, but she was also used to making more progress than she had been. Trying to learn quantum physics was painfully slow and confusing.

Sara phase shifted as she moved through the house, out towards the front porch. If there was one thing that her ability was good for, it was making sure that she woke no one on these long nights, drifting lazily through furniture, making not a single sound as she went.

Once outside, she settled into one of the old rocking chairs and stared out across the winery. It was nice here and Sara was grateful to Sidney and her parents for taking her in. But, she couldn't help but look out at the twinkling stars and find herself missing home.

She longed to be able to share all the notes she had taken with the archaeological team. Even though this world is most likely a slightly different version from the one she had been studying, it is alike enough to offer volumes of enlightenment about the life and culture that took place in the ruins of Semsebrosa.

And, what of her family? How are they, now? She wonders if Aisha was ever able to figure out how to get the seeds from homeworld to grow in Semsebrosa's soil. She misses hanging out with Yander during lunch at the dig. Heck, she even misses grumpy-ass, old Veritu. How much time has passed back home? Are they looking for her or has she been given up for dead? 

((This is just me trying to discover Wallflower's voice and fill out some background.))

"Whatcha reading?" Aisha peered over the edge of the screen, her hair falling in the way and obscuring part of the text.

"Just some stuff that I found at work, today," Nylsira answered as she brushed her sister's hair out of the way and shifted slightly so that Aisha was no longer looming across her shoulder.

"Uh huh. Let's see," Aisha retook her place over Nylsira's shoulder, hovering annoyingly close. Irritated, Nylsira pushed the screen up against her chest to hide the text, but not before Aisha could catch a glimpse of the content.

"You're reading smut!" Aisha crowed in delight. "Man, all I do is play in dirt. You get all the good stuff."

Nylsira turned her head and raised an eyebrow, "If you had chosen archaeology as your career track during Year 2, you could be reaping the rewards of a dead and lustful civilization, too."

"No, thank you," Aisha flopped down on Nylsira's bed, sprawling. She propped herself up on an elbow. "So, me and some of the guys were going to head over to the Arena, tonight. We heard that the guards and the builders are having a huge grudge match between them. Come know you want to go! Large, sweaty people grappling over a ball. Eh? Eh?"

"Nope," Nylsira waved her screen slightly. "I have a date with one Mr. Santooso...(at least, I think that's how it's pronounced)...and a nice cup of faresha."

Aisha grabs the screen and tosses it across the room where it lands safely upon her bed. Though she may tease her sister relentlessly about her reading habits, she would never actually do anything to hurt her beloved text unit, "Stow it for just one night! Come oooooon!" 

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Getting myself hyped up for the game! This one starts slow and then kicks into some nice electronica about 1/3 of the way through. :D

NAME Nylsira "Sara" Tenemiel
AKA Wallflower

Description: (Disguised/Day job) Ordinary human. Shoulder length, brown hair. Grey eyes. Slender build. (Natural) Dark chocolate skin, long auburn hair, solid green eyes, anime elf ears.

ABILITIES: Flight / Density Control / Pheromones

LABELS Danger -1 / Freak +1 / Savior 0 / Superior +2 / Mundane +1

MOVES: Alien Ways / The Best of Us / Not So Different, After All

RELATIONSHIPS She's been learning about Earth by spending time with Sidney. She has a crush on Nicholas but keeps it under wraps.

INFLUENCE Cheerful (quietly so)

So, how did we all meet?

My character is an Outsider who showed up here out of the blue. She was pulled through a portal and dumped in Halcyon City. While she remembers most of her life, she is missing the day that the accident happened that placed her here. So, she has no idea how or why she arrived...and has no idea how to get back home.

Since she did not have proper money, she was spending time sleeping in the back of Halycon City's library, for awhile. (People just didn't notice her back there!) She was trying to work out how to go about getting a job and a place to stay so she could work out how to get home.

She looks human. Nothing unusual, there. Shoulder length, brown hair. Grey eyes. Slender build. Skin that is slightly golden-tan (natural color. Being in the sun doesn't change it.) 

Making this a public post as a PSA.

My husband took me to see Deadpool for Valentine's because...well...he's awesome and he knows the sorts of things that I enjoy. Screw flowers and candy! Gimme an immortal, snarky psychopath any day of the week. The movie was great! It was action-packed and downright hysterical.  However....


I'm saying this because we saw parents taking their kids who looked to be 8-9 years old into this film. 

No. No. NO. Read the reviews. This film is chock full of gratuitous, graphic violence, sex, and incredibly rough language. Unless you want to spend time explaining sex to your kids and them having nightmares about decapitations and severed Don't take them.

You and your spouse/significant other go enjoy it alone. Have a great time! Laugh at the ridiculousness of it. It's fun! Just, really, seriously, incredibly inappropriate for kids. 

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Jane Smith commented on a post on Blogger.
I got nothing to add about the numbers. But, I will say that I always like your posts. You have a point, when you write. I know when I start reading that you are going somewhere. You're not just tossing out something because the Blog Mafia demands you write something that day.

"Oh, gawd. I can't think of anything....lettuce! I am going to write about lettuce in gaming. Vegetable based combat! Yeah, that's the ticket..."

None of that silliness! And, I appreciate it.

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For +Chris Smith: The capybara with cheeseburger backpack. (I hope no one comes lurching out of the interwebs, upset that I am using this....)

I was also tempted to use the second image of the intellectual capybara. XD
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