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SharePoint Hosted App Get Data from Hosted Web
SharePoint Hosted App Get Data from Host Web We cant get the List data with is available on SharePoint Hosted Web. The Current context of the App and Hosted web is different. So, we cant get Web context directly. we can get the Hosted Web Context as below. ...

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Create Folders and Sub Folders using SharePoint REST web services
We can able to create the SharePoint List/Library Folders using REST web services. <script type="text/javascript"> function CreateFolder (){     var url_web;     var pictureLibrary     var folder_name;     var folder_path;     var mainfolder = ["Baikalit-SK...

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SharePoint add comments for each attached document

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SharePoint error duplicate file ulpoad error

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Client Validation for SharePoint file Upload Control

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SharePoint Custom file attachment control
Attach multiple files to SharePoint list item with custom upload control. we can do the below features to your file upload control 1. Add Client Validation 2. Avoid duplicate file upload error 3. upload multiple attachments 4. include each document comments...

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Get Current Loggedin User SharePoint Group Names using JQuery
To get the current user logged in SharePoint group name. If you trying to iterate all the SharePoint groups the user may get access denied error. Note: CSOM doesn't have impersonation facelity. Here we can get only the specific group and find to get the log...

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JQuery Modal Dialog Box
How to show modal dialog box using JQuery. Heading1 Title Project $(function () {
autoOpen: false,
height: 500,
width: 700,
modal: true,
closeOnEscape: false,

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Get and Set SharePoint 2013 People Picker Field using JQuery
Get and Set the Users or Names on SharePoint 2013 People Picker (Person Group) field on Custom List Forms using JQuery. The SharePoint 2013 Client People Picker on Custom List forms is different from OOB control. The "div" structure is different when compar...

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SharePoint get deleted names from People Picker Field using jquery
Get deleted names or entries from SharePoint 2010 format People Picker control on list forms using JavaScript or JQuery. Here we have to get values from the people picker at OnLoad and PreSaveAction and we have to get the values and set the values as below....
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