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The One Time Details Aren't That Important
Details? Details? Details? Your best friend gets engaged over the weekend; you want details. The lady down the street was involved in a car accident and, though no one was seriously injured, you're dying to hear exactly what happened. You see, details are a...

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How ID Card Holders Can Be Used for Promoting Your Company
ID cards are an important part of your business for several reasons. The added security is the reason most companies implement ID cards. But forget about ID cards as purely a security measure for a moment. Here at , we produce ID cardholde...

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How to Create an Effective Branding Message
Your Brand Your brand is more than just your company name and logo. It identifies who you are. As such, your brand conveys a message, whether it is intentional or not. Good marketers know that intentional messaging is a lot more effective than leaving a bra...

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Product Placement Lessons from the Super Bowl
Super Bowl Adverts The NFL's Super Bowl game is an annual feast of creative marketing for people who work in the advertising world. And although American football is not nearly as popular in Europe as it is on the other side of the Pond, a lot of Europeans ...

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Successful Advertising with Mobile Wrist Straps
Trying to think of a new idea to promote your business on a budget can be tough - especially if you do not know where to look! Many will opt for the usual posters and flyers in local supermarkets and shop windows, but you can be different. With a huge selec...

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Recreating Your Brand Image
How is your Brand Seen If you have any concerns about how your business is being portrayed or how your advertisement methods are affecting your brand, get in touch with us here at today. We provide a huge selection of promotional products ...

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What's in a Name or Colour
We use the phrase 'What's in a name?' to express the idea that name and reputation are important. Whether you're talking about an individual, a company or an organisation, the way people perceive a name plays into their overall perceptions of whomever that ...

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The Best Product: The One That Works for You
Best Products? If we received one penny for every time a customer asked us what the best product in our inventory is, we would be a very wealthy company. In fact, we're often tempted to tell customers to buy a complete selection of everything. But we know b...

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Conquer the Trade Show with Colour
Your Next Trade Show Your next trade show is coming up soon. Are you prepared? In other words, are you ready to walk into the show fully decked out in promotional gear that will grab everyone's attention? If not, it's time to get working on it. It's time to...

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Creative Ways to Advertise a Business on a Budget
Advertising Choices If you are running out of ideas on how to successfully advertise your business creatively and on a budget, this blog post is for you. Here at , we offer a range of fantastic promotional products that are guaranteed to h...
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