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Jane Kindred
Games, thrones, and dirty demons
Games, thrones, and dirty demons

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Oh, gosh...I'm embarrassed to admit I forgot G+ was a thing. LOL. But if anyone's still here, this happened. :)

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Jane's January Reading Binge
For some reason, this is a thing I do. I often go for months without reading because I can barely manage to get in my 1,000 words a day of my own writing. And then something seems to happen after the holidays. All I want to do is read, and usually it’s pass...

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Nerdgasms: A Smorgasbord of Science Fiction Delights
It couldn’t be a better time to be a sci-fi nerd. Star Wars:
The Force Awakens , the long-awaited seventh movie in the franchise, opens
this week, Doctor Who is going strong
and the annual Christmas special airs on Christmas Day, the X Files returns in Janu...

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On Being Shifty
I have to confess: I have shifter fatigue. Not about the
concept, per se. Just that it’s been done so many times, and no matter the
animal, shape-shifting creatures seem to have the same basic rules and
behaviors. Sure, the wolves have their alphas and pack...

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A Day in the Life of a Writer
Just in case you’ve ever wondered what it’s like in the glamorous world of writing, I’m here to spill my secrets. Today I was awoken by a beeping back-up indicator on a truck outside my window, interrupting a dream in which I’d received a sudden, unexpected...

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It's release day for IDOL OF BLOOD! Giving away signed books and a Cult of Isis necklace.

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Cosy Mysteries
A few years back, I devoured cosy mysteries. Carolyn G Hart's Death on Demand series, Joan Hess's Murder in Maggody, Margaret Maron's books -- all of them! There were ones with a harder edge, like Dana Stabenow's Alaskan mysteries. And ones which played up ...

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Here Be News
Cover Reveals The third book in Jane Kindred's Looking Glass Gods series just got a fabulous cover: Idol of Glass, Book 3 of the Looking Glass Gods If madness doesn't destroy her, atoning for it might. Ra has ruined everything. Returning to life through “re...

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Can We Talk?
(And yes, I am channeling the late, great Joan Rivers.) I have to tell you right now that I’m not feeling the
blogging thing lately. It’s always been a struggle for me to come up with
something to say that doesn’t seem overly promotional, or know-it-all-wri...

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A Study in, Perseverance
Seventeen years ago, I wrote a doorstop of a fantasy novel, titled Anamnesis . After several rounds of edits and a few beta reads, I thought it was ready to be published. Back in the Dark Ages, there was no QueryTracker, so I bought a copy of Writer's Marke...
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