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Lynn Hardy
Every good book should take you to a brand new world - Enjoy the Journey!
Every good book should take you to a brand new world - Enjoy the Journey!

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2015 Prophecy Fulfillment
When I realized that I was not going to Heaven in 2015, one of the things I struggled with was that so many "prophecies" given by others seemed to be saying the same thing.  Jerry Savelle  gave one such prophecy: Experiencing the greater glory is still My p...

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What is a Tetrad Blood Moon Prophet - February 27, 2016
February 27, 2016 (To Heaven and Back Again series) Before I left for Hawaii, God had impressed upon me to research those who were being called prophets in our world today. I added several programs to my list of shows. This blew up the folder labeled “God S...

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I'm All In - Feb. 21, 2016
February 21, 2016 (To Heaven and Back Again series) On February 13th, my husband and I left for Hawaii to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. My husband's aunt and uncle stayed with the kids so we could have a second honeymoon. Since the “God stuff” som...

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Correction, Encouragement & Dreams from the Spirit - January 24, 2016
January 24, 2016 (To Heaven and Back Again series) The Holy Spirit urged me to pick up James Durham’s books after seeing him on TV. I had a gift card from Barnes and Noble, so I immediately bought “ Keys to an Open Heaven .” By Tuesday, I had completed the ...

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The Last Week of 2015 - December 24, 2015
December 24, 2015 (To Heaven and Back Again series) There aren’t many details in the Bible concerning the internal struggle of the chosen prophets of God. Elijah asked God to take his life (1 Kings 19:4) and Jonah ran from God, but what was it like for Mose...

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How He Leads Me - December 9, 2015
December 9, 2015 (To Heaven and Back Again series) When you accept Christ as Lord and Savior, the Bible tells us that we are “born again.” Our spirit is joined and sealed with the Holy Spirit inside; we are a new being. This is why we are sons of God, we ha...

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How Hard do You Need to Push? - January 11, 2015
January 11, 2015 (To Heaven and Back Again series) Church the next morning is difficult – I am too tired to even enjoy the worship. Despite the lack of energy, my hands and forearms still tingle. After Sunday lunch with the family I take a brief nap. By tha...

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313 - November 23, 2015
November 23, 2015 (To Heaven and Back Again series) I must admit, I’ve been struggling… again. Time is growing short and God hasn’t been calling me to meditate and pray and when He does, nothing of significance happens. He said it is this year… but this yea...

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Miraculous Confirmation - October 9, 2015
October 9, 2015 (To Heaven and Back Again series) I press the button, selecting
the recorded church service from the DVR. The worship songs are lively with
strong beat. As I worship God, I begin some chorus-line kicks and reaching
movement, turning worship ...

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Confirmation of the Appointment - October 5th, 2015
October 5th, 2015 (To Heaven and Back Again series) Around noon  my cell phone rings. “Craig Johnson,” I think, “it must be important if he is calling on a Monday after returning from a vacation.” This is the same Craig from Angels Believe in You who showed...
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