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We had some dynamic weather in Arizona yesterday. There was a lot of crazy winds and instability going on, so there were severe warnings quite a few times throughout the day. My daughter and I left the house late in the afternoon and drove towards South Mountain. We spotted this little cell that had some interesting characteristics to it. You could see a sort of “spiral” shape to it as it rose into the sky.

The first picture shows that. You can see it twisting skyward.

This is indicative of a storm that has some rotation on it. And rotation is the first step to a mesocyclone, which CAN lead to a tornado. But that mainly happens in the Midwest, not out here very much. Still…seeing anything like this in Arizona is always a treat.

The second image is just another shot of the cell a few minutes later. You can kind of see some spinny-ness going on, but it started dying out right when I got to it. Was kind of spooky to be right under this for a bit, but I was about 95% confident nothing would happen.

Gonna be quiet from me the rest of the week as I travel to New York City with the wife to get away from the hot temps of Phoenix. Of course, it’s 62 this morning and is going to be in the high 70′s tomorrow, so I guess we left just in time!
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Mike these are very nice BW shots. Could I ask how you post their icons in couple next each other?
wow awesome cloud formation! love the spiral shape! thanks for sharing!
Terror and beauty, the coexistence.
I love those dramatic clouds! B&W works great here.
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