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This was the best storm I saw all of 2013 in Arizona. At the very least it was in the top 2. The low shelf cloud that appeared out of the rain was an amazing surprise, but there was also blowing dust and crazy lightning strikes. You can see the other shots from this cell right here.

I captured this one using a Nero Lightning Trigger...although I wouldn't recommend one. I was actually surprised I got this because I had a lot of bad luck with it, loose cables and eventually it just stopped working. I recently picked up a Lightning Trigger IV and am looking forward to that this spring and summer.

The fun part of this strike is that it's VERY close. A lot closer than it looks. 17mm lens on a full frame sensor...and it almost takes up the entire field of view. Not only that, but in the picture on my blog (, you can see the orange spot where the lightning strike hits the tree line...and that tree line was about 1/4 mile away from me if that.

A fairly unusual looking bolt as well...almost looks like a squiggly line, not the jagged strikes you usually see.
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One frame

An image from Alyssa and Chris' wedding yesterday at The Sanctuary in Paradise Valley.

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Beautiful couple! Congratulations!!!!
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First look at Shannon and TJ's wedding

Love these two wedding photographers from Wisconsin. Had a blast hanging with's a few of my favorites from their wedding this past Saturday -

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We made it snow in Phoenix yesterday evening :)

Sheleen and Gil's March wedding coming soon!

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What a cool shot... love the contrast between the snow and the warmth of the rest of the scene.
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Mike Olbinski

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Sod-laying timelapse for your soul

Nothing is better than seeing a yard go from dirt to green in a matter of a few hours :) We did this to my house on Saturday, here's the resulting timelapse!
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they +David Chandler's just a Manfrotto head and legs :) 
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Arizona Monsoon Workshop 2014

Released the new website and dates for my 2014 Arizona Monsoon Workshop....all about photography, timelapsing, weather, chasing storms, and lots more.

If you are interested, drop me a note, ask a question, or whatever! Three of the eight spots are gone already :)


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Best of luck in the workshop!
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Mike Olbinski

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Great time lapse. Love it.
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TJ and frame

A frame from TJ and Shannon's wedding at Ceasar's Palace in Las Vegas this weekend. They are wedding photographers themselves, from Wisconsin, and I had a crazy fun time. More to come!

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An enormous amount of lightning strikes hit the area just south of Casa Grande, including Arizona City and the Tohono O'odham Nation. This image is made up of about 30 separate photographs all stacked to show the amount of lightning that can hit in the same general area over about 26 minutes.

More about it on the blog:

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Das sieht so faszinierend aus! Einfach nur WOW!!!!!!
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Mike Olbinski

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Over Booker, Texas

The Booker Supercell (more here: was undoubtedly ranked either 1 or 2 in my experiences as a storm chaser. My only wish is that we had gotten there a few moments earlier, but I'm pretty sure we saw the storm at it's best right before it started dying out. Here's a look at the storm as it was losing strength, finally passing over the town of Booker, Texas. Earlier in the chase we had been north of Booker, watching the storm move to the southeast...and then we raced south into town and blasted east to stay ahead.

This was one of the final moments of the storm before the sun was completely down and dark overtook us.
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This looks like Thor is coming out of it....
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