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I watched this show today. I really wish I hadn't. CSI has had some questionable spin offs, but this one looks like they said "Hey, we need a fancy computer interface for this show. Let's watch Star Trek, Iron Man, Hackers and every movie that Jeff Goldblum has ever been in, as research into what this whole 'Cyber' thing is really like." 

You can watch it for yourself via the link below. If you do, I recommend starting it, getting up and turning off the lights, go get a snack and come back an hour later. It really is the best way to watch. :)  BTW, it looks like the link below is a pirated copy (someone recording their TV screen with a smartphone) but it somehow makes the show better...

My favorite quote from the show "Any crime involving electronic devices, is by definition Cyber". I can see it now, "Hold on guys, this victim was brushing his teeth with an electric toothbrush. This is a job for the Cyber Crimes division! Our job here is done, let's go get some beers..."
CSI Cyber Season 1 Episode 1 Full Episode
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Just reading the reviews made me drop a point or two. Thanks for taking a hit for the team. 
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The time is now 11:11:11 11/11/14
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i stopped a conf call for a minute because of the time
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Brand new (refurbished) power supply, model Korad KA6003P. The cap blew in about 10 seconds after setting at 42V (it's a 60V 3A supply), with only a DMM on the output. Here's hoping SRA-Solder holds up to their legendary service reputation. 
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Yay! Got my replacement power board today. Installed it in less than 5 minutes. Everything seems to be working fine, but needed to do a calibration to get rid of a 20mV offset.
Post calibration, it has a 3mV and 0.5mA offset. I think that is great for a cheap power supply! :) Very happy!

I am currently writing software to control the PS from Linux. My first foray into Python, so a bit of a pain, but it's the GUI that is giving me all the problems, so I have high hopes.
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Mmmm, bacon filled pancakes. What more could anyone ask for?
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Well if it were me..... Moar bacon, is what I would ask for and a refill on my glass of milk and genuine Vermont Maple Syrple
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Awesome new app that everyone should use...
This is a message for some of the people I know. If you have to ask "Is that me?" Then you have answered your own question.
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Dr who in the theater!
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I love the twists made on these coloring books.
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Trying to find ancestors of the people who signed these bills. I have found one person so far. Any help would be appreciated.
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This is how I dance, only without rhythm... Or style. But definitely the bell bottoms😁
Do the 'Get Lucky' dance
This is the proper way to dance when you listen "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk :-D

#GetLucky   #DaftPunk   #70s  
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When will our legal system ever come up to speed in regards to technology?

Stephen Colbert nailed this!!!
Nailed it, Stephen.
Please share this with anyone who loves the internet.
A federal court strikes down net neutrality rules, setting the stage for sweeping changes in how the Internet works.
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In a beautiful moment of irony, I'm blocked from watching this video. 
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Mock-up of my Surplus Gizmos Black Friday 3D printer. I managed to get the linear bearing mounted on a steal 1/2" plate along with a NEMA23 stepper motor (0.3 Ohm windings), 3 opto-couplers, belt and pulley, and cable chain. All of this for just $25!!! The extruded aluminum and aluminum base plate cost me another $55.

The X and Z axes will be from a Prusa i3, since I was printing out parts to build one already. I just couldn't pass up the deal. When all is done, it should have a build area of 8.5"W x 12"D x 12"H. A nice upgrade from my cupcake (3.8"W x 4"D x 4"H) and hopefully more reliable.

If I can get my cupcake to stop failing on me long enough to print the last two parts I need, I should have this ready to print in another week or so. Eventually I will get an aluminum plate made, but for now, I'll just have to hobble along with a plastic one. For the price, I can't be too picky. :)
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+Rick Blake not yet. I had a numbered of delays and just received some of the last parts that I needed, today. If you are still in the designing stage, check out this site I have not used them but they have some nice solutions for linear slides and build materials. Hopefully, I can make some good progress on it this weekend. I'll post with updated pictures soon.
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What happens on the Internet... Stays on the Internet...  Please post wisely.
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This is why Google + beats Facebook... The lack of inane posts that try to guilt you into resharing spam and clogging your friend's feeds. Please do not help them get a foothold here.
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