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When will this Lukaku transfer saga end? Just sign him already! #Everton

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I made this!
Do you have an Internet-savvy client who is interested in selling their home, but is unsure how the home-selling process works? Here’s a nifty infographic, “How to Sell a House – As Told by Memes,” that will give them an idea of how it will go down.

Allow me to brag for a moment - My +ESPN World Cup bracket has been more accurate than 95.2% of all other brackets created on that site. My bracket has also accumulated around 50% more points in my group than any of my friends' brackets. If Argentina wins the final as I predicted they will, my bracket will finish the tournament with around twice as many points. #WorldCup   

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If an old man having issues with wasabi is the highlight of AMC's Small Town Security, count me out.

I used dry yeast for home brewing for the first time this weekend and the yeast took two days before it started the fermentation process, even though I followed the instructions on the package.

Have you had similar experiences with dry yeast?

I had a dream last night that the Timbers and Whitecaps didn't win another game for the rest of the season. Cascadian affinity aside, it was probably the most fun I've ever had in a dream.

Just bought my first pair of cycling shoes and clip-in pedals and, after all I have heard about how efficient they make your pedaling, I would have to say I was disappointed.

Are the benefits from cycling shoes and pedals to small to notice? Or do they take some time to get used to?

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U.S. vs. Mexico, World Cup qualifer: I've never been happier for a 0-0 draw! Second time the U.S. has EVER claimed a point in Mexico, and we've still never won. Solid defense, especially by Beasley and Besler.

A big thanks to everyone that attended the second "Go Forth and Plus" webinar today! I'm always happy to talk about SEO, so talking at you for half an hour was a big treat. 
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