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850-477-9480 for MPG * TLC * YOU: Like Us? You'll Love Us!
850-477-9480 for MPG * TLC * YOU: Like Us? You'll Love Us!


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Racing Safety in Indy Car News | The 2018 models will bring a new body style to the runway – make that, track – but the beauty will be designed to be more than skin-deep. Aerodynamics – that’s the need for speed – and safety top that list. The latest F1 designs help control and use air flow to increase safety during spins and/or driving around turns. Also, outer triangular boxes were added to absorb crash energy when/if the driver gets hit from the side near the cockpit. Rear flaps reply when/if the race car gets backwards to help hold it down rather than get airborne.

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#BackToSchool in Pensacola Safety | 55 million students are on the road back to school for the ’17-’18 school year and that means lots of buses and extra cars ... and increased opportunity for traffic accidents, fatalities and injuries. Per the National Highway Transportation Safety (NHTSA), more than 353 child pedestrians died and 11,000 more were hurt in 2015. I respect AAA which as launched its “School’s Open – Drive Carefully” awareness campaign to help reduce 353 and 11,000 to 0. Now, that’s higher math.

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#FordService in Pensacola, 477-9480. The need for a #performance upgrade for his #F150 with oversized tires drove this Customer into our #AutoService Shop in Pensacola (Winner, Best of the Bay & Best of the Coast; and 2017 Winner, BBB’s Torch Award for Ethics).

* Your Ford ailing & need #AutoRepair, just regular service or something special? Call for your appt (477-9480) & ref code "Facebook Take 20," & we'll take $20 off any service or repair. *

Patient: 2009 Ford F150 | 190,340 mi

Automotive Physician: ASE-Certified Master Technician Jonny Barrs

Symptom: Owner requested changing rear & front differential ratios to 4:11 to counteract the effects of larger tires which require more torque to deliver acceleration at any given RPM.

Diagnosis: (N/A)

Treatment: Remove major drivetrain components and dissemble both differentials to install new ring & pinion gears, all bearings, seals, crush sleeves and axle seals. This operation required tedious attention to detail to establish proper gear teeth patterns. As it is with all ring & pinion gear sets, proper gear-to-gear alignment and clearances are essential to longevity and no noise. Backlash on these gears ran between .008 (eight thousands inch) and .0010 as shown by the coast pattern photos. Even more important is the pull-side gear patterns as these teeth propel the vehicle and run under tremendous loads at times. Proper low-speed, low-load break-in is necessary as new gears shed metal and phosphoric coating during the initial operation period. It is best to change gear lube after 500 miles to eliminate potentially contaminated lube. We used EP (Extreme Pressure) assembly lube during setup to help ensure lower friction during break-in drives.

Result: Quiet-running, smooth gears that will last thousands of miles trouble free. Bobby’s post-op comment: Suffice it to say that setting up new gears can be a daunting task and, in my opinion, is an art form all to itself.
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Average #gasprice in US this wk: $2.38/gal (about the same as last wk). Last August: $2.15. Fill Up and Drive!

Lowest #GasPricesPensacola: $2.17 (Beacon, Cervantes & N. E St).

#PlacesToGoInPensacola this week: Bands on the Beach (8/15, Gulfside Pavilion); Blue Angels Practice (8/15-8/16, Naval Aviation Museum); Seville Quarter’s 50th Anniversary (8/16, Seville Quarter); Gallery Night (8/18, Downtown); Comic Con 2017 (8/18-8/20, Fairgrounds); Blue Wahoos vs Jackson Generals (8//21-8/22, Community Maritime Park). Summer’s slipping away...get out there and squeeze the last drop of summer fun 2017!


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How Ca rFun is this for all you Dull and Boring people? I’m still HaHaHa-ing over Jag’s creating excitement in Dull, Scotland (population <90) and Boring, Oregon (pop <8,000) that only driving a Jaguar F-Type R could do.

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#TruckLovers in Pensacola | 2018 Ford F150 appears to be a customizer’s dream. Plus more turbocharged power and more gears, including 10-speed automatic.

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#AutoSafetyInPensacola | Ruh, roh, another of life’s pleasures is on the things-not-to-do-while-riding-in-a-car list: putting your feet on the dash. Why? Airbags deploy at between 100-220 mph and that’s enough force to introduce your top to your bottom in a violent way. Read how this woman’s auto injury impacted her post-accident work and play.

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BACK-TO-SCHOOL SATURDAY, 8/12/17, 9a-11a CT, 888-Car-Clinic. Tune in to WCOA +1370NewsTalkAM or drive to for Advice about #AutoRepair in Pensacola & Auto Industry News everywhere.

Where did summer 2017 go? School days are here again already! If you’re thinking that new clothes, backpacks and a computer are all that’re necessary to send your kids off to school, back up for juuuuust a second and think cars. Whether your students are on the road to college out of town, have their own wheels for an intown school, or you’re still the daily driver, now’s the time to have your vehicle inspected – for safety, performance and to avoid auto repair. Already had an inspection? Call me and I’ll help interpret the results.


- LUCIANA CHAMBERLAIN, Family Link Prod Mkt Mgr, Chevrolet. Nearly 362,000 kids turn 16 years old this month. That means a lot of new drivers will be hitting the road this month just in time for school to start, causing major anxiety for parents everywhere. Tune in to hear how Family Link can help parents stay connected to their newest family drivers.

- Y-O-U!! Call 888-Car-Clinic. Tune in for "Priceless" #AutoService in Pensacola to keep your vehicle rollin’ and you rockin’!
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How fun is this?! McLaren 720...built from Legos. Cool time-lapse video of the build which took 2000 person hours and 280,000 Lego bricks, the last 12K of which were placed during the Goodwood Festival of Speed to raise money for charity. Good fun and good works!

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Cash For Clunkers, German-style | Fresh off Diesel Gate, Volkswagen is incenting customers to trade in all brands of old diesels to more eco-friendly models.
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