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Why we need to think and pray for the presecuted

Separate Yourself Holy onto God and cut off all connections with friends and family

There is a reason why God calls some people and separates them onto Himself. The reason why God does this is for the purpose, for the calling and for His plan He has for the chosen He has called.
Why do we need to separate ourselves away from our friends and family?

Do you know that friends and family can be a hindrance and blockage to God's plan in your life?
God may want you to create a business and through this business will help certain people or a family who are on the verge of poverty destruction. However friends and family will give bad news and negative results giving you fear and not to start the business.

The money you were meant to use for good purpose will be used for your friend who is in a bad situation, now God's plan for you cannot be fulfilled or blocked by your friend.

Brothers and sisters, please pay attention to what I am writing because it is vital to you, and especially for those who are seeking and thriving to get to the calling God has called them.

Separate from your Family:
The enemy/devil will cause sickness to your beloved family member, and this sickness will draw your attention away from God and to focus on that sickness.
And by this you will try to either solve that problem with your money, your time or your effort.
The money you were meant to use as a stepping stone to progress your life and achieve God's calling, will be used to pay for your family member's sickness. By doing this will hinder God's plan in your life or delay God's plan in your life.
Your time will be wasted because you will either call that person and spend time with them over the phone trying to encourage them, or you will visit them in the hospital encouraging them.
Whereas that precious time could have been used to spend time with God to get to your calling.

If a family member insulted, annoyed or angered someone, the person that was angered/annoyed/insulted will create a witchcraft or evil magic against you as revenge for the family member that insulted them.
This is what the enemy does, enemy may not directly attack someone, but they will go for their love ones in order to penetrate that hurt.

The same can be said to friends, if you know someone as a friend and because you are linked to that person. The witchcraft or evil magic can easily be transferred onto you because you know that person as a friend.

When this happen, either it will cancel God's calling in your life; if you die through the witchcraft, or God's plan in your life will be delayed.

Yes it is good to help friends and family as a good person, but doing good will stop the plan of God in your life. As Jesus quoted, there were many widows who lived during the terrible famine time, however God sent Elijah to that widow and son, why? If we are meant to help everyone including friends and family, God wouldn't have ignored other widows and sent Elijah to that particular widow and son who were about to die that night.

Brothers and sisters, separate yourselves away from your friends and families and focus on God's great plan in yourself!
*money you were meant to help one person that would be destroyed or to get to the destination God has planned in your life, will either be used for your family whom devil caused a sickness. Or be used for friend who is in trouble which the devil caused.
*witchcraft targeted at friends or family will connect with you and affect you because you are related to your family or friends with someone.

Separate yourself ONTO God!
Until you achieved the destination God plan's in your life, then you can connect with your friends and family.

God bless
Bro David O

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Your thoughts?

question is: what is the point and purpose of handling snakes?

Such a shame ETH cannot go above £350:/

Lady who secretly loved Jesus

Jesus was not married nor did not have a girlfriend, He never had time for relationships as His purpose was to carry the mission of the Father and fulfil the kingdom duties.

But did you know Jesus had a secret admirer?
According to the recent discovered Papryus which stated Jesus had a wife engaged to Mary Magdalene. This papyrus cannot be true because it contradicts the Scripture and Jesus solitude and not Committing Himself to Men for He knew all men. (John 2:24)

But by observing the bible, we can confirm that Jesus did have a secret admirer. And that person was Mary Madgalene, as she secretly fell in love with Jesus though knowing Jesus is not here to have relationship with anyone.

After Mary Magdalene was delivered of the demons she had, she kept following Jesus places He was ministry to and providing for His needs. (Luke 8:1-3)

When Jesus was crucified on the cross, Mary Magdalene was also there watching, even Jesus father Joseph was not there, nor were many of the 12 Apostles there. (Matthew 27:56)

Where Jesus was buried, Mary Magdalene was there observing where He was laid. No one else were there. (Mark 15:47)

Mary Magdalene along with Mary mother of Jesus was there to anoint the body of Jesus. No one else were there. (Mark 16:1)

And finally:
Mark 16:9 Now when He rose early on the first day of the week, _He appeared first to Mary Magdalene__, out of whom He had cast seven demons._

Why did Jesus appeared to her first? Almost felt as if she was the ONLY faithful and seeking student/servant of the master. But no, the Lord knew her heart and her affectionate love for Jesus.
Mary Mag and Mary mother of Jesus were the ones who were there at his death and at his funeral, and they were there to anoint His body.
The angel told both of them to go and tell others that He is alive.

So how come Jesus appeared first to Mary Mag and not to Mary mother?

John 20
16 Jesus said to her, “Mary!”
She turned and said to Him, “Rabboni!” (which is to say, Teacher).
17 Jesus said to her, “_Do not cling to Me__, for I have not yet ascended to My Father; but go to My brethren and say to them, ‘I am ascending to My Father and your Father, and to My God and your God.’ ”_

Mary secretly loved Jesus in her heart and she never got close to Him nor to hold him affectionately. However in this instance, after seeing the Risen Jesus, she forsake all and had to grab hold on to Him by hugging Him.
You will do this when you love someone dearly.

If you love someone so much you will try and be with them all the time, that is even what husband and wives does as they are always there for one another. If one person dies, you will be there for their funeral. And Mary did these things.

If Jesus was having relationship with Mary, the bible would have highlighted this point, but it didn't. Jesus led a solitude life, not committing Himself to men.

If someone is in love with you, it is not there fault, for they are falling in love with you for the way you are, how wonderful you are made that you affect others to secretly have love for you.

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Christian missionary tortured by ISIS in prison, led 40 to Christ

Charged with being a spy, Czech missionary Petr Jasek endured a 14-month imprisonment in Sudan where he was tortured by fellow cellmates. But Jesus supernaturally imparted peace during his confinement and he became a bold witness, winning many to Christ.

He was detained by the Sudanese police at Khartoum Airport in December 2015. It seems immigration staff found a duplicate passport Jasek carried for security purposes, which led to his immediate arrest and imprisonment.

At 5:30 am he was awakened by the Islamic call for prayer. All six of his cellmates began praying fervently. “They showed me a place behind them where I was supposed to stand while they were praying. The rule is that me as a Christian, I had to stay behind them so they would not look at me while they are praying.”

"I read from Genesis to Revelation within three weeks"


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Amma the hugging saint: another false person beware

People are flocking to this woman in order to get a hug from her, when hugged by her you feel compassionate and love from her.

Even though this does not cause any harm or defraud people or do wrong.
It does not elevate Jesus, whatever does not lift up the name of Jesus is false!

come on guys...ETH, keeps going down:/

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Chris Pratt, man of God not afraid to share the Gospel within the movie industry awards 2018.

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