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Le dernier mot d'un missionnaire
Bonjour à tous  There are several things I
want to express but there is way too much, so I have the difficult task of
choosing what to share! I've had so many
experiences.  I don't know
why I have been so blessed to have been able to come to this mission, a...

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Short and Sweet
Bonjour à
tous! I don't
know what to talk about this week. We had a really good week. I've been blessed
to have a lot of good weeks lately. I guess
I'll start with our Amis this week! Guess what?! We fixed a baptismal date with
Moïse and his wife and family...

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Killing it with Kindness
Elder Johnson and Elder Wall Wow! This week was pretty
insane! We did so much work. It was stinking awesome. I've never been more
exhausted at an end of the week during my mission than this one. We set some
crazy goals and had two blitzes (where two equipes...

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A trip to the ER and the CAR! :D
Caught in a rain storm Hello family and friends! This week was a little weird.. but it was a good week! HAVING FUN IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM  So.. we had to go to the ER this week.. luckily it wasn't super serious. Monday night we had a great start to the week....

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The TRIO Bonjour à tous! I don't know how to start
these emails without saying something really generic like " this week went by super fast!" or
"this week was great! ”. This week did go by fast and it was good but I
don't really remember anything super imp...

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Albi #5 and the Southern Trifecta
On splits with Elder
Pittsenbarger  Hello family and friends!
Guess what! Today is transfer day... and I'm staying in Albi for a fifth
transfer! I'm really happy to be staying. It would have been lame to have just
gone somewhere for six weeks and then bounc...

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Week 23 in Albi!
Bonjour à tous! C'est
incroyable qu'une autre semaine soit déjà passée! I say it every week but
really, the weeks just run together! NOS AMIS So! Brigitte got back from
Marseille at the end of this last week but we still don't have our stinking
car. I hones...

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Better Late than Never?
Toulouse + Albi missionaries visiting the Musée des Augustins on P-Day. Hello family and friends!
Sorry this email is a little late but better late than never, eh? The work in
Albi has really picked up recently. It's awesome. Le livre de mormon I finished t...

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I don't speak Chinese! We found an new amie!
After Albi District Meeting Hello family and friends.
This week was really good. Lots of exchanges and interesting things and it
cooled off and rained which has been so stinking awesome! L'échange  avec
l'équipe chinoise So, something cool about
Toulouse is...

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Patience is a virtue.. but I thought I already learned Patience!
Hello family and friends! What a week. We have been working our butts off! Literally my butt just fell off that is how hard we have been working. It kind of feels like I've done a thousand and one squats because of all of the walking we have been doing. I t...
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