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Had a Q Card Case when I had my iPhone and loved it.  I wish these cases came out sooner for the GS4. I already got a Box Wave wallet case that I am happy with.  If you are looking for case that holds your license and two CC/debit cards I highly recommend the Q Card Case by CM4.

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Hope to hear more calls like this on Sunday! #Gamecocks

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Enjoying the new Fox Sports 1. What is the communities thoughts? 

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ESPN is really hyping Clowney up! 

If Amanda goes up and gets evicted tomorrow this season can be saved. 

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Less than 2 weeks away.....

My S4 just locked up when I went to unlock the phone. Screen went blank and would not come back on. I had to remove the battery then turn it back on to fix it. Anyone else experience this? I have had the phone for 2 and a half months. 

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Just got this case for my GS4. I wanted to share in case anyone looking for a wallet case. Love it so far! 
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