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"Nixie's Rival" in Fantasy Scroll Magazine
This month, my story " Nixie's Rival " has been included in Fantasy Scroll Magazine. I've also been remiss in linking to " A Water Sacrifice ," my second drabble to appear at Specklit. I hope you enjoy them both. I enjoyed writing them very much.

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"Old Haunts" at Specklit, and a Little Blog Housekeeping
" Old Haunts " went up at Specklit on January 23. They're publishing another drabble of mine on Feb. 18, and have been a true pleasure to work with. "Old Haunts" started out as a one-sentence story, but I think the punctuation has much improved it. :-) In o...

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"The Words on the Walls" at Daily Science Fiction
My story " The Words on the Walls " went up at Daily Science Fiction last week. I'm thrilled to have my first published story of the new year with them, and from their facebook page it seems to have been well received by their readers. I hope you enjoy it.

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"Learning to Dance" at Page & Spine
My short story, " Learning to Dance ," is on the Reading Lamp page of Page & Spine this week. This is a little bit of a departure for me, since it's not fantasy or science fiction. I wrote it based on an old first line I had jotted down in a notebook years ...

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"Black Friday" at Flash Fiction Online
My story, " Black Friday ," is live at Flash Fiction Online this month (part of their "Death Comes for Flash Fiction" issue). I think I've mentioned before how much I love working with these folks. This story went through a bunch of revisions, getting passe...

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"The Rugmaker's Lovers" at Beneath Ceaseless Skies
Earlier this week, my short story " The Rugmaker's Lovers " was published in the 158th issue of Beneath Ceaseless Skies . They chose this line as the pull quote: "Something sat in the rugmaker's belly, small and solid and chill, and her husband's songs ceas...

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"Speaking Up" at 4 Star Stories
This month I have two publications to announce. I'm doing it in two separate posts because I like to keep things neat like that. I've fallen a few days behind on these, but I am pleased to announce that 4 Star Stories chose to publish " Speaking Up " in the...

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"The Love Letter" at Daily Science Fiction
This morning my flash story, " The Love Letter " went out to Daily Science Fiction's mailing list. The first time I wrote this, I had the wrong ending. I got clever, and
thought I would Say Something about Writing. Then I sent it to the wrong
market, wher...

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Free Penumbra Issues!
I published a story (" Gray Ebenezer ") in March with Penumbra eMag. I enjoyed the experience, and found everyone involved to be extremely professional. Penumbra is, however, the only place I've published so far that is behind a paywall--which is to say, th...

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My first interview is up! And it's a bit...well... here . Unlikely Story Journal published an issue of terrible flash fiction in April. I wrote Why, Ethan, Why?!?!? :( mostly on a lunch break at work, and it turned out it was just about the worst anyone cou...
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