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Helping people sleep well without pills or potions!
Helping people sleep well without pills or potions!

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+The Telegraph report on the importance of not ignoring our need for sleep. Very interesting:

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Not keeping your #sleep habits in check? Sleepio expert, Dr Simon Kyle, shares 8 proven tips to help you sleep in this article:

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#HouseofCards infringing on your sleep time? 

Make sure to still get enough with Prof. Espie's expert advice:

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When talking about what a healthy lifestyle entails we naturally focus on diet and physical activity. However, sleep may be just as (if not more) important:
Not getting enough sleep can have a real impact on your health.

Did you know that a few extra hours sleep every night can lessen your risk of type-2 diabetes, as well as boosting other aspects of your health, such as fertility?

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Ahead of #ValentinesDay, we bring you the latest research on sleep & relationships:

Do sleepless nights mean worse fights? 

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Hi all,

Just thought we'd share our expert overview of a really interesting study due to be published: Do poor sleepers have a fear of the dark?

Covering the hypothesis, trial, findings and the potential implications for management of sleep disturbance:

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Fear of the dark, caffeine and sleep & body clock misalignment - the latest sleep research covered on the blog today: 

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Didn't get enough #sleep over the weekend? We have a few tips to see you through the week:

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Happy December! The Prof has put on a Santa hat this morning - let the countdown to #Christmas  begin!

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Exciting #hangout news!

 +TEDMED are hosting a discussion about sleep deprivation from 2pm EST / 7pm GMT today!

Sleep deprivation or subpar sleep can be a serious issue for some, as shown in the Great British Sleep Survey we have been conducting:

Highlights include surveyed poor sleepers being:
+  twice as likely to feel fatigued and suffer from low mood
+ 5 times more likely to feel alone

This discussion is part of the #GreatChallenges  series, which highlights global health challenges - fantastic to see sleep deprivation included! 

Do tune in if you can:
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