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We are the Home Energy Experts
We are the Home Energy Experts


If you have been considering renewable energy options, now is a great time to explore our solar powered HVAC systems. Call us to hear about what we offer!

To transform an old dresser, use a bright-colored chalkboard paint that allows you to add labels to drawers and write notes to family members!

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Life before AC consisted of hanging wet plants in windows to cool the air. Now with advances in technology, Lennox is able to offer home cooling solutions that achieve the perfect degree of cool. +1 if you can't imagine life without AC!

Don't forget about your fridge during spring cleaning! To make sure its performing at maximum efficiency, follow these three tips. 1) Vacuum the outside coils. 2) Check seals for air leaks. 3) Adjust temperature settings to be 37-40 degrees.

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If consistent air flow in every room of your house with minimal noise sounds like a dream, ask us about the new Lennox CBX-25UH air handler and you could be on your way to improved home comfort!

With more daylight every week, now is the time to clean your windows to let as much natural light in your home as possible. DIYers: Does a sqeegee works best or do you have your own technique?

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If you are looking for ways to get your home's interior ready for spring, check out this recent post on Lennox's Comfort Matters blog.

When it comes to the air quality and comfort inside your home, you have to make sure the outside is protected. Check your roof for missing or damaged shingles to prevent leaks and avoid an expensive roof replacement down the line.

It's your last chance to get in one more ski trip before the season is over! +1 If you are planning a weekend on the slopes.

It's spring cleaning time here at the office. Here's our secret: find a printable spring cleaning checklist, break it up over several weeks, then get everyone to help!
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