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Dance to make you think about how oil companies are destroying the environment. Dance to make you think about how environmental destruction hurts women around the world. Our new leadership profile: Ananya Chatterjea.

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From our coverage last year.
This week in MN, GOP State Rep John Kriesel decided to not run for another term. Here is the speech he will probably be best known for.

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Verbal exchanges in State legislatures can sometime be heated.

Representatives Tom Rukavina (DFL) and Pat Garofalo (R ) accuse each other’s party of “sticking it to the middle class” with tax increases. The heated debate which is a likely preview of the fall campaign, brought action in the House tax committee to a standstill.

Watch the debate and then tell us who you think won by voting in our poll.

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Embattled homeowner Monique White took one more step Friday toward what could become an improbable victory that would let her stay in her North Minneapolis home. At Hennepin County Housing Court, Judge Mark Labine granted White’s legal team a one-week extension in their defense against mortgage holder Freddie Mac. Next Monday, Labine will likely decide whether White will lose her home, or whether she’ll get a jury trial in District Court — which means that her fate will be up to White’s fellow citizens.

[more at link]

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The “occupy wall street” style of amplifying the public’s voice was used to disrupt and express displeasure over Minnesota legislation opponents say is an attack on the poor.
The Minnesota House Health and Human Services Reform Committee met on February 22, 2012, to review and pass three bills restricting welfare.

Representative Daudt’s bill, HF2080, received the most complaints. This bill reduced life-time coverage from a maximum of 60 months to 36 months. It required applicant paid for background checks for drug convictions, reduced exit level from 115% of poverty to 100% of poverty and reduced sanctions from 7 to 3 offenses.

How much money would this save? Legislators don’t know. There was no fiscal note on the savings projected.

Attacking children and scapegoating the poor

Opponents argued that this bill attacks primarily children and and makes the poor scapegoats. The expenses represent .5% of the state budget. The speakers objected to the focus of all three bills considered for attacking the poor while doing nothing to increase jobs or other programs to get people out of poverty.

Representative Patti Fritz, DFL, HD 26B, said, “I’m stunned… we should be looking for ways to feed the poor, not take food from the mouths of their children. I’m disgusted with this bill. It does more harm than I could ever imagine.”
As the committee moved to vote, protestors “Mic Checked” the room repeating chants of disapproval of the bill. The bill was passed with a voice vote as the protests continued.

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Happy Sunday everyone! Check out what is going on this Wednesday. This "Support Your Media Day" in in the frame of's "Give to the Max Day" we are all familiar with in Minnesota. This is for a national network of independent media (you should really check out the whole list of outlets, you'll recognize many of them). The UpTake is participating and you will be seeing more notices about that over the next few days.

Thanks for any support you may give us this coming Wednesday!!!

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When we were in Iowa, we were trying to focus on a single question. How should we pay for elections? We asked many GOP voters and got a mixed set of answers, but it seemed they value a level playing field and don't really care for how "Citizens United" put a lot of power in a few hands.

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Presidential candidate Ron Paul preaches about freedom, and fewer government restrictions, however several of the his supporters we talked to in Des Moines think there should be some restrictions on corporate money in politics.

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We're live from Iowa asking folks how should we pay for elections. Tune in!
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