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I don't seem able to "follow" people as of today?

What is going on ?

Is G+ not working?

My account seems fine otherwise.

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This guy claims, and he has a very good track record of predicting the future, that by 2029 machines will be more intelligent than humans are.

By humans, he means normal people, it is already well known that many members of the youtube community are already eating the dust of some of the cleverer toasters on sale. Beware +True Empiricism, +Gman, Quantum Eraser, Vekl and others, you have already been overtaken.
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New fashion accessory for parrotlets, ...... oh and it enables them to fly safely through particle fields illuminated by lasers so that the vortices created by the their flight can be observed and detailed measurements of lift can be determined. Of course all of the models were wrong and flight turns out to be more complicated than previously thought and all of those aerodynamicists who were trying to design drones that emulated bird flight will have to go back to the drawing board..... and add goggles to the drones.
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From my main account
Nigel Farage is on the shortlist for Time magazines person of the year, competing against the likes of Trump and Putin.

Whatever you think of him, he has been responsible for the UK leaving the EU and played a significant role in the election of Trump and may in the medium term be the first cause which brings the EU tumbling down. The award is not for the most commendable human being; past winners have included Hitler and Stalin.

The Times

Nigel Farage may be hoping that there is time for one last upset before 2016 is out after he was named as an unlikely outsider to secure the coveted front cover of Time magazine as its Person of the Year.
The former Ukip leader who led the Leave campaign to its unexpected victory, seemingly lighting a match under populist uprisings around the world, faces stiff competition from Beyoncé, Vladimir Putin and his good friend Donald Trump.
Time, which has been printing the face of the person or object which “for better or for worse . . . has done the most to influence the events of the year” on the cover of a special annual edition since 1927, announced this year’s shortlist of 11 yesterday.
The magazine said of Mr Farage: “As head of the UK Independence Party Farage was a face of the successful campaign for Britain to leave the European Union, positioning the referendum as the start of a global populist wave against the political establishment.”
Only two Britons, Winston Churchill and the Queen, have previously been chosen for the cover. Other notable figures include Mahatma Gandhi, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Bill Clinton and, last year, Angela Merkel.
Person of the Year shortlist
►Simone Biles Olympic gymnast who won five golds in Rio
►Hillary Clinton Democrat presidential candidate
►CRISPR Group of scientists who developed technology to edit DNA
►Recep Tayyip Erdogan Turkish president who saw off a military coup
►Nigel Farage Former leader of Ukip
►The Flint whistleblowers Uncovered lead-poisoned water in Michigan
►Beyoncé Knowles Singer who has spoken out about racial injustice
►Narendra Modi Indian prime minister
►Vladimir Putin Russian president whose intervension in Syria tipped the balance in the civil war
►Donald Trump Anti-establishment Republican president-elect
►Mark Zuckerberg Facebook founder who saw the social network surpass 1 billion mobile daily users
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Fusion? Welllllllllllllll not quite yet, but the latest tokamak from Germany comes closer and can make pretty magnetic field contours. Containing a plasma  at a 100 million degrees with a magnetic field is no mean feat. Gravity really is the easy way to create fusion as happens in a star. If only we could control mass so much would be sorted, but then if we could create and destroy mass then we wouldn't need fusion, E=m c^2 would provide infinite energy. Don't forget that this is the equation which provides the energy in a fusion reactor as what is called the "mass defect" difference between hydrogen and helium is emitted as energy in the fusion process.
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from my main account
Angela Merkel calls for burka ban in Germany wherever legally possible.

Well done Angela, I didn't realise the German Chancellor was prepared to make a stand on this issue, which to me is a graphic symbol of the barbarism, lack of respect for basic human rights, and the lack of sexual equality inherent to Islamism.
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From my main account
I was just watching a bit of a flat Earth video and made the following not so gentle post.

I have just watched a bit of this video where they attempt to debunk +fiveredpears video on 25 invalid flat Earth memes at about 50:00 or so where they are discussing the rotation of the Earth and whether or not someone on the equator would notice that they are spinning at 1000mph. Then some guy speaks up about the centrifugal force that would be experienced at the equator and how it would huge, in fact it would be "infinitely more than at the pole"

Oh my God! Someone has got something horribly wrong on the internet. Time to swing into action.

The centripetal force ( the opposite of centrifugal force, and in fact the only genuine force and the one for which maths can be done ) required to hold someone standing at the equator on the Earth's surface is ......wait for it.. I want to check if there is enough space in this text box to accommodate this huuuuuuuuuuuuggggge number that is apparently close to infinity.. it is .. 0.3% of someone's weight. Yep, that is all!!!!!! So not huge at all.

The difference between your weight at the pole and the equator due to the spinning of the Earth at 1000mph at the equator is just 0.3%.

Why is that flat earthers no nothing about physics and rotational kinematics? I think we know the answer to that: they are morons who have no understanding of maths and physics.

I will present the maths, but of course no flat earther will understand it ... because they don't have the education of a 16 year old student studying physics in school. The force required to keep something in orbit at a radius R ( which is in effect the force required to keep a person at the equator on the surface of the Earth ) is given by the centripetal force f
f = m v^2 / R ; equation ( 1)
R = radius of orbit, in this case Earth's radius
m = mass of the object
v = linear velocity at radius R

To see how significant the centripetal force is that is required to keep an object on the surface of the Earth at the equator, let us compare that force to force exerted by Earth on an object, which is its weight w

w = m g ; equation ( 2 )
m = mass of object ( usually measure in kilograms )
g = acceleration due to gravity ( has the value of about 10m/s^2 , metres per second squared )

and if you don't know the difference between mass and weight, you are a moron.

So the ratio of the force f at equator required to keep object on surface of Earth due to rotation divided by weight w at pole in percentage terms is
= f / w * 100
from (1) and (2)
= m v^2 / R / ( m g ) *100
= v^2 / ( R g ) * 100 ; equation ( 3 )
so let's plug in the numbers v at the equator is about 1000mph or more accurately in m/s = 465m/s, and R = 6.371 *10^6 m, g is 9.81 m/s^2
= 465^2/ ( 6371000 *9.81) * 100

Yep! The rotation of the Earth at the equator only makes a difference of 0.3% of your weight. How similar is that to ooooooooooooh a huge number near infinity?????????

What a bunch of morons 
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I keep being asked about the Higgs boson and the issue of the mass of particles.

Well this article is a concise and accessible summary of the Higgs field and the Higgs mechanism which creates mass for fundamental particles, such as quarks, electrons and the like.

It is very important to note that although the Higgs mechanism gives mass to fundamental particles, it is NOT responsible for most of the mass for composite particles such as protons and neutrons ( which are each made up of three quarks ) which are the particles which give most of the mass of an atom. The mass of these composite particles is largely derived from the interactions between the quarks due to quantum fluctuations which cause the creation of virtual particles.
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Amazing video on evolution, shared from my main account
The Harvard Medical School has created an amazing video of the process of evolution as manifested in the acquisition of anti-biotic resistance by bacteria on a vast agar plate which had varying concentrations of anti-biotics. Time lapse shots of the state of the bacteria colonies show the progression of the bacterial colonies. Surprisingly the most resistant strains are not the most successful because the resistant adaptations compromise  speed of growth and with limited resources, getting to the resources first can be more important than being the most resistant.

and for the article from the Harvard Medical School which has the video

And a youtube video of the scientist and part of the video of the bacterial progression
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TheRumpus is my most active account and in this hangout I have quite a battle with Darwin's Deity, and I think I deliver a spanking.
I had a battle with DD (Darwin's Deity, Evolution False etc etc) on jesusyoume channel tonight on the fun starts at 1:44:00 or so, shortly followed by a 15 minute break, and then we go head to head, and in my less than humble opinion, I gave him a right spanking.

The main topic was one of basic beliefs, and why certainty is not required to be right. Apparently DD doesn't comprehend one can be right without being certain, and I hammered this point home, rather effectively in my opinion, and I think I made good job of refuting any arguments he offered.

I intend to spank him further.

This may be of interest to +Darwin's Greatest Hits 
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