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Paula Barrera
Full Time Realtor® in Miami, FL with 10 yrs experience - EWM Realtors
Full Time Realtor® in Miami, FL with 10 yrs experience - EWM Realtors

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I have lots of buyers looking to buy and not enough inventory to go around. If you have a house you would like to sell in the following areas, please let me know:

- Schenely Park (buyers looking up to $280,000)

- Coral Reef Drive west of 137th ave (buyer looking up to $220,000)

- Brickell Key (2/2 with a view not in Brickell One or Two up to $400,000)

- Hammocks Area 3 bedroom condos (up to $100,000 in Banyan Tree, Blossoms, east to Elan & Calusa area will consider higher prices for eastern areas)

**Below is a summary of a private meeting within our EWM community. If you would like all of the charts and numbers, please send me a request via email and I will send you the full report.**

Thought we would share with you some recent market trends and statistics that show the Miami market is picking up!

At a recent meeting, EWM Realtors President, Ron Shuffield stated:

"History will record that 2009, 2010 and 2011 have been recovery years. We've seen a 37% decrease in inventory with 9,000 fewer properties on the market now than a year ago. In January ALONE, EWM Realtors sold 48 homes and condos priced over 1 million dollars."

He also mentioned these VERY important points about Miami:

-there are 700 new permanent residents to the state of FL every DAY (of these 23% come to Dade and Broward

-FL population just exceeded 19,057,000 and will be bypassing NY in the next 3 years (add snowbirds and second home owners and this figure is higher!)

-There are 9,000 fewer properties for sale than there were this time last year

-New construction projects being launched such as one 4,400 unit complex in Aventura

In addition, Real Estate expert, Steve Harney paid us a visit and here is what he had to say:

"My message to you two years ago was that prices were down and Miami was seen as the epicenter of housing crisis.

My message today is very different:

Standard & Poors reported that Miami, FL had the highest peak and maintained most value in the country.

Real Estate returns doubled stock market returns.

Miami has stabilized.

Shadow inventory %change from 3Q 1 yr ago US up 8% miami down 6%

Zillow yesterday - prices 12 months from now:

Chicago -7.5%
Atlanta -8.5
Tampa -4.6
Orlando -4.1
Miami: stable

Second adjustment coming to U.S. but will not affect Miami due to vey high demand.

Rest of country yes, but not Miami.

Moody's: existing home sales will reach a 6.5 million pace
International buyers & northerners flood the area this year.

Pending home sales: inventory dropping like a rock and sales are way up

Price increases in Miami.

Cycles to everything. 2012 to 2015 OPTIMISM

Miami may double the appreciation rate of the rest of country.

Mortgage rates ALL TIME LOW yet again. Eventually they are going to turn.

Miami market is at 2002 levels however the "cost" of the house is a lot less due to lower interest rates.

Even to cash buyers interest rates are important because a lot of people refi to get their money back.

Rental rates going up.

Interestingly John Talbott said "anyone who doesn't buy a house today is going to regret it 5 years from now"

Warren Buffet advice given to his secretary of 37 years- "buying now is the best opportunity in your lifetime"

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