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Stop to Enjoy the Holidays
Midway through Cyber Monday I realize I'm being sucked into the holidays in the usual way. Except, I'm falling deeper. This year instead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we had Black Friday Deals WEEK and Cyber Monday WEEK. This means I haven't stopped my ...

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Music is more than a mood
I love when series and
movies use music as more than a mood to enhance the setting. My latest of these to fall in love with is Big Little Lies . Big Little Lies is
an HBO miniseries starring Reese Witherspoon as Madeline Martha Mackenzie,
Nicole Kidman as C...

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MIDNIGHT WEARY by Monika Summerville Genre: Erotic Romance Ian Deatherage’s past is a shadow. He’s doesn’t make friends traveling from place to place on his motorcycle. When it breaks down he has twenty dollars in his pocket, he’ll have to find a job to pay...

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Riddles and Rhymes
A Reality in the Fiction episode If you've read the D-Strings trilogy of the Silver Strings series, you'll remember a lot of emphasis is on song writing. A lot of conversations stem around verses and song writing and each chapter begins with a snippet from ...

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Get Rocked! In Vegas' Rock Casualty in the Making
Get Rocked! In Vegas The pitch was each author write a new story about existing characters in their series. A story in which the characters of every series included would be together in one place! When approached about this project, I was stoked. I was read...

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Fact From Fiction: Bird Island
Uncovering the truths in the story telling Bird Island? Rising Sun, Half Moon, Rock Stars Jules wadded her paper and swallowed her last bite whole as they started over the long causeway connecting the mainland to the particular beach their house occupied. “...

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Decade Differences: Love Makers and Breakers
In Rising Sun, Half Moon, Rock Stars the setting is the 70's. When researching this decade, I was amazed at how much technology has changed in a short time. I know I've done these posts before, but thought I'd begin adding them in again--the throwback to th...

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Valentine's Day
Someone asked not long ago out of all the holidays included in the Silver Strings Series why not Valentine's Day? I had to think a moment. Because Christmas comes up time and again in my novels and Halloween too. But Valentine's Day? Other than the one Jack...

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Rock Romance Jack Who? is 1 of 12 Novels in A Touch of Passion Boxed Set
A Touch of Passion Boxed Set includes Jack Who? Perfect Storms To all of you who already know Jack, Marissa, Tristan and the rest of the 'Storm' clan, this blurb and excerpt will be nothing new. However, the rest of the books in this boxed set will introduc...
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