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My website is a Independent News and Investagtion internect radio program
My website is a Independent News and Investagtion internect radio program

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This is a list of the programs I did on money .
" Money as Debt "

Here are the links to my Money as Debt Programs.
Money as Debt part 1 to 4 explains and exposes how that 100 % of all
the money Suppy in Cirulation is Issued as Debt plus Intrest.It exposes
that the way the money system is setup its is impossible for nations
to get out of Debt . Because the Debt= the money suppy plus intrest.     
Money as Debt Part 1
Money as Debt Part 2
Money as Debt Part 4 -----------------------------------------------------------------------
These programs are programs on the Canadian Banking System. Talks about
the private Banks and the Bank of Canada Act .    
Money as Debt, Part 1 & 2 The Canadian Banking System
Money as Debt ,Part 3 & 4 of Canadian Banking System -----------------------------------------------------------------------
These Programs expose were money comes from and how it is created.
There will be interviews with MPs , Finnace Ministers and other
people that explain about the Bank of Canada ,the Bank Act, and the
Goverment finnacing of the Defict .      
Money as Debt, part 1 were does money come from.
Money as Debt , Part 2 were dose money come from
Money as Debt , Part 3 were does money come from 
Money as Debt , Part 4 were does money come from
Part 5 Were does money come from

my internet radio program is a   . on the website type in IDEPENDENT NEWS REPORT in the search engine , you will find it at the top right corner of the website.
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