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Is everyone else happy that the fairy tail anime will continue? ;D

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Favorite Fairy Tail Opening? For me it is either opening 9 or 14 ;D

 Hi Guys! I have finished watching Fairy Tail episode 175 and my minds was blown! It was amazing... but I want to know what would happen next, I don't know whether to read the manga or wait for the anime... So what would you do? PLEASO NO SPOLERS

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MIrajane or Erza? 
Demon or Fairy?

Hello everyone! I just wanna say I love anime! Specially code geass, fairy tail, shakugan no shana, death note an others... nice to meet you! I just would like to have more friends in my account so dont know if someone would add me to his circles, i'll add that person back ;)

Have you seen Neon Genesis Evangelion? Its an old anime... but quite good ;)

Does anyone in here know an anime called Shakugan no shana? 

Hey guys! I have a question.. i am watching fairy tail DUBBED and the last episode dubbed is 118, so i dont know if you know any website to watch the rest of the episodes...

What is your favorite Naruto SHippuden fight? Mine is either Naruto vs Pain or Itachi vs. Sasuke :D

Guys can you give me a website where I could read Fairy Tail manga? ;D
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