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Could use some ideas!

In the homebrew setting I'm running living gods (god of life/death, god of light, god of nature, etc) were rulers of their respective provinces, but the gods have gone missing. Traveling between lands didn't use to be a problem, but with the gods gone travel has become an issue (besides the huge god-sized holes they've left in the cities/lands they ruled).
This land also has a central unaligned hub which the other territories are connected to.
I imagined traveling between lands being a surreal experience, Ravenloft-like sans the mist. Traveling from one god's realm to another doesn't always take you the same amount of time, or the same path, or through the same obstacles.
One of my players has made it his mission to map the land, to make travel safe and reliable again. Any ideas on how he can do so, without finding/bringing the gods back, as that's the main objective of the game?

I had the idea that he could search for pieces of something like 'the soul of the land', a thread that would let his feet take him the right way despite the hazy surroundings of travel, but how would that translate into a cartographer/mapmaker quest to provide maps for everyone to travel safely?

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I'm not the guy that wrote this up, has anyone else taken a look at it? I'm curious about its validity from a balance perspective- some of the flexible attacks and abilities are interesting!

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Looks great!
Gods and Icons Kickstarter is Live now!
This is a supplement for the 13th Age Roleplaying game that can be used to any d20 game.
For the gods, we bring three pantheons who are not just retreads of the Greco-Roman pantheons, with inspiration from beyond the Western World. Living and breathing religions that bump into and affect one another.
For the icons we bring 13 powerful individuals, leaders of nations, religions, and powerful factions. And we describe what happens when player characters have relationships with these icons.
13th Age Roleplaying Game GMs know icon relationships can create improvisational fun at the table. And sometimes they can leave the Game Master at a loss with what to do with them. Gods and Icons to the rescue! Hundreds of suggestions for when your players roll those 5s and 6s.
Those playing other d20 games who want to bring in icons will find a section on who to tie your player characters to your world using icons, and how to use Gods and Icons in your games.
Check out our Kickstarter for all the details.
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Do you have a favorite 'boss' monster? A creature (or set of creatures) with abilities that you find make the encounter very interesting?

Multiclass question!
I was considering making a Dwarven Bard/Ranger- would a double attack talent from Ranger set off Bard battle cries/flexible attacks? As I type it the firm 'no, that's synergizing' is ringing in my head and the MC rules are against that in general.

A friend of mine, one of the players in my game, is finally taking the GM reins back and I'll have the opportunity to play 13th Age- I'm more familiar with rules for running the game than for character creation!

followup edit: would any of the ranger talents synergize when attacking? Could I gain the crit expander from favored enemy, lethal hunter etc. while still hoping to roll a battle cry?

How would you run a wrestling match in 13th Age?
One of my more creative players has created a dwarven wrestler, a Fighter, and has gone so far as to create a page of content on its eccentricities.
I'm inclined to include this in a future session now, but let me ask the community: would you run it as a regular combat, but with wrestling moves instead of sword swings? Would you make it a series of ability checks? What's the best way to make it seem epic?

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I can't breath XD
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My little brother lives 4 hours away and would love to play more RPGs, and I run a weekly game at my house with 4 players. He's often expressed his disappointment at living too far away to join in the stuff we play.
Does anyone have experience using a laptop/tablet to have a player join a game on a regular basis?
Interested in experience and advice anyone can share!

How do you give players a sense of advancement after a session?
My group just recently picked up 2e AD&D again after our 13th Age game ended- in 13thA every successful session gets you an advancement, a piece of the next level: hit points, spells, skills, etc.

Now I'm running 2e (as voted by most of the party) but one of the players (my significant other) finds level gain to be her main source of satisfaction. Her old 2e GM in college seems to have spoiled their group with quick advancement in levels (or maybe it's just nostalgia?), and that just doesn't happen in 2e.

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