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Lying gets you no where, Cause when you need real help no one with bother with you. loosing friends is not worth it, i have learned a lesson that will take me far...#SorriesThatArn'tForgiven

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Hurting, But Beautiful!!!

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These People Rule!!

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Tears Yall!!

(Not Knowing)
Written By Angela Hampton

If we have souls, 
They are made of the love we share. 
I have done my time, 
I'm bound by death, 

I have seen glory and 
I have seen nothing happy. 
As my life moves on, 
i will always be dead inside.

But is it the way we should love each other
We fight, we love, we kiss and make up
But when its time to take caution 
Because you are afraid of being caught by you parents 
You leave and never look back cause u want to be loved by the ones Who care

But if we have souls,
they are made of the love we share.
I have done my time 
I'm bound by death

Pause, look at ourselves, we are fighting to stay alive, 
Fighting for the love, 
The love that we fell deep in
Look at my face do you see tears?
The ones that drip down my face?
Cause we have to take a break

I dont want to leave us 
I want to stay with you
I want our love to last
Baby.....I love you

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Awww, Awesome friends I love!!
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