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Sample Job Transfer Request Letter due to Personal Reasons
Concentrating on your job while
living away from your family is difficult and sometimes your family needs you
while it may be facing problems. This is situation many young professionals
find themselves in. Your work takes you places but also keeps you away ...

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Sample Job Acceptance Letter Format for Accepting Your New Employment
Congratulations on landing that great
new job. Now that your new employer has formally made an offer of employment to
you, it’s time you write a Job Acceptance Letter. An Acceptance letter is
written to formally communicate your intent of accepting the offe...

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Application for a Sabbatical Leave
A Sabbatical leave is a temporary
break from employment where you continue to be an employee of the organization but
are moved out of the payroll. Many organization provide its employers an option
to take a sabbatical leave for a duration ranging from anywh...

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Successful University Application letter formats which will help you get into your dream university too!

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University Application Letter Format
An Admission
to that Ivy League University can change your entire life for good and every
year thousands of students give a shot at securing admission into the institute
of their dreams. Whether you get your letter of admission or not depends
largely on you...

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Write a professional job application letter detailing your qualification, experience and suitability for a job along with reference to your resume and cover letter.

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Job Application Letter Sample – Job of Administrative Assistant
Whether you are applying for your dream job, making the
next big career move or just applying for a fresh job just out of college, a
job application letter will be your first communication and the first step in
impressing your recruiter. A typical job appli...

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How to write an application letter requesting membership to that premium invite only club or a brokerage firm or to a simple library or gym.
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