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Cosplay From Start to Finish - Mercy from Overwatch
In an attempt to chronicle my journey as a beginner cosplayer, I have taken a page from book of the amazingly talented, beautiful, and awe-inspiring cosplayer,  The Geeky Seamstress , and decided to dedicate a post about the making of my latest cosplay proj...

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10 Easy Tips to Surviving a Comic-Con
With San Diego Comic Con in full swing, I wanted to share my
tips to surviving a Comic-Con, large or small, local or national, whether you
come as you are or if you are wanting to cosplay for the first time.  Read on. Comic-Cons, short for “Comic Book Conve...

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Head West - Siblings Trip to California
Hi all.  It's been two weeks since I got back from a siblings trip to the San Francisco area.  I'm the oldest of three girls and we all flew out to California to attend my cousin's wedding and also spend two days in San Francisco. I have no idea if sibling ...

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10 Things Batman V Superman; Dawn of Justice Did Right
In case you haven’t heard, critics and audiences have been
trashing the new Batman V. Superman; Dawn of Justice film left and right .  While I do agree with many of the complaints,
I actually liked the film.  I’ve always
been a stalwart DC comic book fan bu...

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Ghostbusters Reboot - I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghosts.....
via  @paulfeig ....OR HATERS!!!!!  Surprising probably no one, there have been many vocal haters, mostly men but some women too, on social media outraged at the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot film helmed by Freaks and Geeks ' Paul Feig and starring Melissa Ca...

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3 Tributes to the late, great Bea Arthur in Postmodern Cartoons
One of my obsessive fandoms is cartoons, which stretches all
the way back to my formative years watching Batman,The Animated Series .  I have never stopped watching cartoons.  Starting in the late 90’s some cartoons have
reached or succeeded the same level ...

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Speed Dating at a Comic Con
Hey guys and gals. 
Over Valentine’s Day weekend I attended the Dallas Comic Con Fan Days
2016 with my bestie, where we decided to go in costume and attend the speed
dating event hosted by SciFi Speed-Dating. 
Ah, Nerds in Love!  The headline
practically wr...

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Convention Spotlight: Wizard World Tulsa - Day Three
Day Three – October 25, 2015 On the last day of Wizard World Tulsa I actually got to the
convention kind of early, partly because I was terrified I would sleep past my
check-out time at the hotel so I woke up super early and grabbed breakfast
downtown. Afte...

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Convention Spotlight: Wizard World Tulsa - Day Two
Day Two -  October 24, 2015 I arrived at the convention center on Saturday close to noon
and walked around the Exhibition Hall, where I found out vendors were selling
beer!  Beer at a comic con?  How is this possible?  This is allowed?  I love Wizard World ...

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Convention Spotlight: Wizard World Tulsa - Day One
Hello again.  In my first post for 2016 , I mentioned how I wasn't ready to review 2015 in full.  This is because I got the opportunity back in October to cover all three days of the Wizard World Tulsa Comic Convention 2015 for a pop-culture website for wom...
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