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Father Bud Pelletier
Roman Catholic Priest of the Diocese of Phoenix, AZ
Roman Catholic Priest of the Diocese of Phoenix, AZ

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In the ongoing debate about philanthropy versus charity, here's a great article about our local efforts here in Phoenix.

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The Take-Over has happened!  

Last Wednesday evening (8/12/2015) the Fox Restaurant Group did a 'Restaurant Take-Over' of our kitchen and Family Dining Room offering specially cooked meals of Roasted Atlantic Salmon, Braised Beef Short Ribs, or Natural Half-Chicken.  There was also a cupcake decorating station (when you finished your veggies).

A special thanks to Fox Restaurants for their gifts of food, love, and dignity to our guests.  As one of the Moms tearfully told us, "My kids have never been able to taste salmon before!"

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Still haven't arranged for a new day for a ride along with our Water Truck (Van), but we've gotten some press recently based on the weather (110+)

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Donations with an impact?

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Proverbs 22:6 - Train the young in the way they should go; even when old they will not swerve from it.

My Water Truck ride along for today was cancelled.  The driver's grandson is recovering from eye surgery.  All went well, but Grandpa is raising the grandson, and needs to be with him at home.  

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The next church was St. Anthony about 4 miles away. Mass was at 10 a.m. The original was burned down by an arsonist, and after several years of using other buildings, they've managed to put up a 'Butler' building which will be the hall after the new church is built. The front half of the building is for the church, and the back half contains a full kitchen. The religious education classes were held in the kitchen. The last photo is an interesting part of the decor of the RE classroom.

Again, the circumstances were a little better, but the people made all the difference. Their love and dedication to Christ and His Church is real and evident. I compare it to some of the parishes I've been at and the parishioners complained that the A/C was half a degree off.
St. Anthony - Sacaton
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On weekends, I have the honor to visiting other parishes to both help out, and spread the news about the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. This weekend (6/28/2015) I visited St. Anne Mission in Sacaton Flats, AZ, and St. Anthony Parish in Sacaton, AZ.

Both are mission/parish churches on the Gila River Reservation, which includes part of both the Diocese of Phoenix, and Diocese of Tucson. The Diocese of Phoenix oversees all the churches, so that's why I was invited to help out.

The first album is St. Anne's. I had the 8 a.m. Mass. The building is basically a floor with walls and a roof. The A/C didn't work well at all, the ceiling fans were mostly for show, and the people were still there, loving God and participating in the Mass with devotion. On the front wall outside were the sign up sheets for the upcoming parish feast day. Grab a pen and sign up with what you are going to bring. No committees, no parish staff, no hassle, no bother. There it is - sign on up.

St. Anne - Sacaton Flats
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Woo Hoo!  I'm excited that I'm going on a ride-along with the Water Truck.  This was given to us by the Celebrity Fight Night folks for us to distribute water and food to the homeless around the community each day.  As our temperature has been hovering above 110 for a couple weeks now, it is even more important.  It will be a blessing to me to stop at as many stoplights as possible and give out water, food, and hope.

I'm going out with the truck next Wednesday.

I'll try to remember to take and post some photos.

I'm very excited about this.
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