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#Overwatch Reaper gameplay, is tea time.
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Still people say that pc gaming is dead. No freaking way.
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Emmanuel “Mr_Muerto”

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 I couldn't agree more, I found myself disappointed by the beta. What about you?
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+Jacob Medors Yeah, but not like in this game. It honestly felt like I was playing CoD.
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#miitomo is addicting
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It is, isn't it?
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Not a complete game, hold your money, the more we spend on this. The more the developers will keep doing this. 
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Jay Han
I'm with you! I was about to purchase until I read reviews and comments.

Now I'm just disappointed!
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Emmanuel “Mr_Muerto”

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Is Overwatch fun to play. Yep, but when you forced the opposing team to say on their base, is even funnier. 
Is the game fun to play, hell yeah, but as you can see, play better with a hell of teamwork.
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Is the game fun to play, hell yeah, but as you can see, play better with a hell of teamwork.
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