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WE HELP YOU CREATE AND HOST STRATEGIC FUNDRAISERS AND AWARENESS EVENTS … Stage Productions - Chess Tournaments etc. contact +1up Entertainment/Consulting

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The objective of the Pan-African Pen Pal Outreach Program is to open communication lines between people of African descent around the globe by building a pen pal networking educational system while educate people about ancient African history.


Open communication lines between people of African descent around the globe by building a pen pal networking educational system

Educate people about ancient African history

Educate people of about the philosophy and opinions of Marcus Garvey

Generate proceeds for “affiliated” nonprofits

Host an annual Pan–African conference in a selected African country (livestream available for those who cannot travel abroad)

To provide a visual and written history of every African country, along with networking and travel contacts

Provide an alternative to mainstream entertainment

Create a global platform with a solid revenue stream for artists and musicians who represent RBG Pan-African principals

Educate people about Africa’s contributions to Western Civilization

Provide an introduction course to the concept of social entrepreneurship

Educate people about the flawed methodology used in the Bell Curve regarding racial hierarchy of intelligence. Provide a brief introduction course regarding racial Pseudo Science.

Educate people about the history of Neo colonialism

Educate people about the history of Pan Africanism & Liberia

Allow participants to experience displays of African Music, Arts, Food, and Clothing

Introduce Africa Town in American cities as a Pan-African concept of rebuilding low in-come black communities or self-gentrification (AKA China Town) Family /Ethics / Community / Personal Responsibility
Utilize One on One dialogue – Facetime & Live Stream

Event Fundraisers for Annual Trip Overseas to Africa

More info here

Donate Here

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Learn the story behind "PAN-AFRICAN PEN PAL OUTREACH PROGRAM" and help us meet OUR GOAL

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Please contact us if you are interested in promoting your next event. 

Email: or call 404-923-0255
Check out our coverage for the Grand opening for the college Football 

Hall of Fame in Atlanta.…/the-college-football-hall-of-fame…

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Google stocks is at $643.00 ... My goodness.

Ryder's stock went from $25 to $91 in 5 years.  I predict it will be at $160 in five more years.  Might be a good time to start purchasing Ryder stocks.

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Who's going to the Atlanta Street Food Festival today?

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