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Fifth day
Fifth day Urm Im not workout today stress with study how to drive car Urm um im so exhausted, drived and worked  So here I am :) wanted to share you new meals hahah im eating cheat today breakfast : - lunch: popiah dinner : subway snack: apple and cucur :) ...

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Fourth dayyyyyyy :) of my journey
My lovely journey :) this is a fourth day of my journey and yes :) im trying to list of what is my workout :) and here is my meal list breakfast : oats and milk , currypuff lunch : dinner : here is the list  victoria abs workout muffintop massacare abs on f...

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Third day of my journey :)
Third day of my journey, well yesterday i got a lot lot of work to do   btw now is my lovely sem break so i got to go to partime work and i dont have time to workout and gym ...   yesterday i just got to do 2 workout only .. and it is so frustrating.. Here ...

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Second day of my journey
Second day of my journey damn this is so exhausted  i already start it since 8 oct but theres no change only a line on my abs getting visible Sometimes it frustrated me, but im getting strong bcoz there is someone i wanted to show well this is my schedule ....
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