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Rolling characters (Zaywop and Dragon Balls) with my girlfriend's nephews

Just played my first game of Microscope today and we had a blast.  Our group was three people, myself included.  Our (Start) Period was "The Gods Disappear" and our (End) Period was "Humanity Worships the New Gods."  In between, tribes warred, control of a realm was seized, knowledge was lost and gained, and the Nega-Realm was explored after a continental earthquake opened portals of accessibility.  Can't wait to play again.

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The flip side of the coin is no better: Congress’s approval rating has sunk to 9 percent, the poll found, a record low. Senator Michael F. Bennet, Democrat of Colorado, created a chart showing that Congress now had less support than President Richard M. Nixon did during Watergate or BP did during the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Can someone who understands these things tell me what it means that Greece and Italy are doing an austerity something? What is an austerity whatever?

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+Robin FH How sweet is this song?
Ted Hawkins- Sorry You're Sick

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"The jobless rate for college graduates under age 25 has averaged 9.6 percent over the past year; for young high school graduates, the average is 21.6 percent. Those figures do not reflect graduates who are working but in low-paying jobs that do not even require diplomas. Such poor prospects in the early years of a career portend a lifetime of diminished prospects and lower earnings — the very definition of downward mobility"

Has anyone checked out this Facebook Timeline thing? I'm not sure I really want to be reminded of all the stupid things I said and did when I was a freshman in college.

When it rains it pours, dogg

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