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Kind of cool.
Skull Coffee Grinder by AZRainman

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Man, I love Selah Sue!

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Here's another one you should have heard, I just love Selah Sue's voice in this!! WOW!

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If you haven't heard these folks yet, I must wonder where you've been?

Just got home, sorta, and going to drink some coffee and play an hour or so of Skyrim!

I see from Garry Young's post he got some beans from Burman's Coffee, I have used Sweet Maria's in the past. Where does everyone buy their green beans?

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Here is a gif file of the profile sheet for the Behmor 1600 coffee roaster. I usually use the P4 setting but manipulate a little to shorten the first level and lengthen the last level. This can give you an idea of some heat setting the the engineers at Behmor thought worked well roasting coffee. Notice P1 is pretty much straight to 100% for the duration of the roast and I thought some Colombian I roasted on this setting came out pretty good anyhow.

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Great Deal!
To celebrate the New Year, you can get four of my books for free. Please spread this link as far and wide as you can.

The books are: What the Plus!, The Macintosh Way, Database 101, and The Computer Curmudgeon.

Happy New Year!

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Thought I would put up some pictures of the roaster I use. It's a Behmor 1600. It allows different roast programs but I seem to keep using the same one. It allows you to do up to a pound of coffee beans at a time but I've found that some times I can't get to the second crack before the machine shuts off. It has a built in timer, based on different settings, that is supposed to prevent you from burning down the house.
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Merry Christmas to everyone and anyone who reads this!
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